Lost Online Connection Bug, still exists with 1-7-20 patch

Online Official Servers
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Every time I attempt to connect to online games, I get an incorrect “Lost Online Connection” dialog. If I wait and do not close the dialog, I see the server list populate beneath the dialog, so obviously I am online. This bug never happened prior to the start of patches in June, and has happened with every patch since. This makes it impossible to play online!

Windows 8.1, 16GB, Fast AMD CPU, Fast AMD GPU. Game launched via Steam.

I have updated Internet Security Settings to include TLS 1.2, .etc as suggested, this has no effect on the bug for me.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Run game
  2. Observe “Logging In” dialog
  3. Play Online
  4. Get incorrect dialog
  5. You are sent back to main menu screen

Hey @Jimoacha

Could you send us one of your logs when this issue happens so our team can have a better look at what’s causing it?


Yes I am happy to send you anything I can. Please tell me what you want, and how to get it.

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@Ignasi Please tell me where to find the logs and how to send them to you. Thanks.

It’s the weekend. You will not receive a response for 2 more days, but the response will come.

Have a read through these, might be worth a look.

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Log with multiple attempts to go to ‘Play Online’ screen, with repeated results of ‘Lost Online Connection’. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sPfXqY3Rbv-6jO0n9Q5aNWLzyUVVtjcj/view?usp=sharing

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Thank you, we’ll relay this information to our team.


This is still busted today (7/9/20 patch)…

I am having this same issue, following the same steps to reproduce.

Also running Windows 8.1, with 8GB ram and Intel core i5 4430 CPU and nvidia GTX 750 Ti

also launching through Steam

Log is available on request (I can’t post a link yet >_<)

same problem
3 times posted here videos, when appear the window with “Lost Internet connection”
3 videos from different days
Decided not disturb Funcom support :grinning:

I am getting the same just installed game as using a new pc and says i have no internet connection when i do very odd, can send log if required.

have a same problem
can play only after many tries

Game Db file

ConanSandbox log

I just updated my windows and it works so suggest installing all windows updates if you can

J’ai le même problème, et ça dure ! Plus les joueurs perdus ! Funcom arrêtez de boire de l’hydromel !
I have the same problem, and it lasts! No more lost players! Funcom stop drinking mead!
Jag har samma problem, och det varar! Inga fler förlorade spelare! Funcom sluta dricka mjöd!
Jeg har det samme problem, og det varer! Ikke flere tabte spillere! Funcom stopper med at drikke enge!

I´m really sick and tired of that problem. Everyday i have the same issue : “you are not connected” i made all my windows updates. i cleared the saved logs like someone sayed few weeks ago, i made everything i found to reconnect to any server (official or unofficial) and everyday i have the same problem again. HELP ME PLEASE

@Solcane Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your logs, we’ve forwarded them to the developers.

@Chapadoq and @T3rrorK3ks, please follow this guide on how to gather the logs for your game sessions after running the game, getting the connectivity issue, then exiting. Feel free to then share the logs privately with us through DM.


@Hugo thank you, this is nice…

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I have a same problem.I cant play online.
Gamedb File


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Still happening for me… so tired of this bug. I’ve applied all Windows 8.1 patches / updates. I’ve changed my Internet Security options as requested. As I’ve said over and over, this never happened before this round of patches starting in late June. Over a month of patches and still not fixed.