Love the newlands biomes of the Isle of Siptha.... But

I think there are some visual problems with them and sometimes they lack of content.

The ponds in the floodlands are the first issue, they just feel like empty space, with nothing interesting in them, only flat sand and water. Those areas could have amazing visuals with vegetation and water depth, some animals and insects and muddy ground, but they feel like unfinished parts of the map.

The biome transition from the isle of siptah to the savanah/floodlands is too drastic in my opinion, the main isle has this grey and dark hard soil and rocks and all of the sudden is soft and orange, it’s a bit strange, the ashlands on the other hands fits perfectly well, very very well. Also, the grey ones use grey rock for their buildings i think would be better if we keep that tone for Spitah :^)

Speaking of the Ashlands, there are some cliping issues with rocks and rubbles in some parts of the map

I don’t about others but this one is located here:

And last, in a more thrall related topic, they tend to get stuck in the ground as i show in this picture:

I really really liked the new lands and what was already done in the Isle of Siptah, but those are some of the things that has already bothered me, and for the sake of consistency, i think that they could get some attention

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