Low fps gtx960M normal?

Hello , I want to get into conan again but my low fps is always annoying me so i don’t really get to it.
Ingame i have 25 -30 fps in the desert biome with all my settings on low and just my normal resolution which is 1920x1080 but even if i lower that it still sucks.
Low end laptop mode i can get about 40-60 in the same area but playing like that is very annoying.
I was just wondering if the GTX960 M should be able to gain higher performance on this game and if thats true , what is the problem i might have and how do i fix it?
In my task manager it said that GPU was 100% and my processor and stuff is fine so its only my gpu that is the problem right?
I play on a laptop (just to be sure eventhough its the gtx960M i thought it might be misunderstood as the gtx960)
I do not know a lot about pc specs and stuff so if u need anything else just respond :slight_smile:

I’m running a GTX 960M as my backup gamer, and only in HD (1280 x 720). Unless you run a tool, like for ASUS – GPU Tweak – you won’t be able to do much better in FPS. If you use a utility like this, using a Wizard you can enforce 40 FPS without any other changes to your GPU, in case you’re concerned.

I have not been able to successfully run in Super HD without massive frame losses, even in Low. With 1280 x 720 I can run all settings in Medium except View Distance, which is at Low.

Whats the “Wizard” u reffering to? Do you use it?

It gets a little more complicated with mobile chips, but there are two pipes to look through. One is your PC maker, the other is the graphics card vendor. One or the other may provide a utility for tweaking your graphics card. My PC maker in this case is ASUS, and they make a ute called GPU Tweak II.

GPU Tweak has a Pro mode and a Casual mode. Casual mode uses popular settings for your GPU and enforces them, so you don’t have to actually work to overclock anything. Pro mode lets you change each individual setting to your preference.

Casual mode uses a wizard-like interface to get you the frames you want. With any luck your PC maker has a good utility for you.

And this is in no way harming to my GPU or are there risks involveld? Really don’t know anything about gpus and stuff :sweat_smile:

Right! There’s a real risk of damage, so proceed with caution. Check with your PC maker and see before you try anything. I can tell you it’s do-able, so don’t hesitate to ask more questions.

Well I asked a friend if he knew how to do it and he said he can help me.
He did tell me to be sure that you are aware of that i am talking about a laptop , i’m almost 100% sure u are but i’m just scared to ruin my pc so wanted to confirm :stuck_out_tongue:
Also i would like to ask whether or not this will have a noticable impact on the lifespan of my gpu or any other problems.
Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile: appreciate it

No problem. The main risk for any of this is heat. When your GPU overheats, it can sometimes become hot enough to desolder itself from the MB – especially prevalent in laptops and all-in-ones, with mobile chips and smaller footprints.

Make sure your vents and ducts are clear. Make sure your GPU stays below manufacturer temperature thresholds. Mine is set to max at 90C, according to my manufacturer’s specs.

Be cautious, and make sure you set a restore point in Windows before you install any utilities on your PC. Make sure your video drivers are totally up to date, and good luck. A good friend like that deserves a pizza or a milkshake or something! :smiley:

Cooling Tip DIY

Here’s a tip I use all the time, in lieu of a laptop stand. Get 2-4 plastic bottle caps off your favorite soda of choice. I use Coca Cola because it’s red and easier to see. Find the feet on your laptop, and put the bottle caps under your laptop, with the feet inside the caps. For safety, I use a tack adhesive called Plasti-tak for hanging posters and things. Make a thin bead on the rim of the cap and it’ll stick on your laptop. In an airport when I needed to render video for a client on a prio job, I used chewing gum to adhere the caps so I could leave my PC alone in the lounge.

Haha sadly my friend is quite far (in my neighbouring country) but i’ll pay him back :wink:
But since a few days ago i thought about completely cleaning the vents and stuff but i don’t really now the right way to do it.
I saw some people using a can of compressed air to blow out all the dust but do you recomend an other way of cleaning those?

Be very careful with compressed air of any kind. If you don’t know which is a vent and which is an intake, you might spray air into a vent. I won’t go into all the ways this can be bad, but one is that some PC fans should never be blown or spun in the wrong direction. If you know which is your intake, introduce the air very gradually. If you see dust emerge from a vent, keep the pressure steady but keep the nozzle far away from the notebook. Canned air may condense on surfaces or with high ambient temperatures, and create additional hazards.

For about 45 or 50 Euro (in EU countries) many support cafes have a professional cleaning service. If you are concerned about actual clogs, this would be the way to go. In the States or Canada, and some places in South and Central America, Office Supply giants offer a cleaning service for about $80 US.

Well i tried it out , i’m using game mode now on that program and it helps quite a bit thank you.
although some people now are saying that i shouldnt do it becaus its bad for my pc , so its really save if i only use gamer mode? Thanks a lot btw , sorry that i keep bugging you

It’s no bother, but for all intents and purposes I am an anonymous man on the internet. So if friends are saying to be cautious, they’re correct. This can seriously damage your hardware, and make your software act silly.

Gaming Mode on the GPU Tweak II will help with performance, but it will not enforce any FPS. I just tried it on the 960M, and it was playable, but the FPS (HUD provided by NVIDIA ShadowPlay) was variable from 24-34. This variability did appear to affect my play, with occasional stutter. I enforce 40 FPS, and I play only in HD, 720p. I keep a close eye on my temperatures, and have very good thermal maintenance on my machine. I understand the risks, and can’t emphasize them enough: if you love your machine as much as I love mine, please seek professional advice from someone who can ensure your settings are safe. I hope you can enjoy this GPU as much as I have mine. :smiley:

One last thing : Is the temperature the only thing that can damage my pc by doing this and what is a safe temperature? like when i need to stop doing what i’m doing

No, the temperature is only the main problem. Improper GPU Clock and Memory Clock can cause fatal errors in Conan Exiles, leaving your character logged on and running in the environment. Other settings can cause Black Screen hangs in Windows 10. In certain situations/combinations, a Black Screen hang caused by bad settings can cause lasting issues with your Windows installation. So both hardware and software can be permanently, negatively impacted.

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