Luba the Luscious

I just noticed that Luba the Luscious is no longer an A cup. I suppose that the rest of the t4’s may have had a bust correction too. That’s not the bug. And it’s really not a bug but an inconsistency that I’m reporting. Luba’s stat and inventory pages still show her before surgery with an A cup. Just thought you should know.

I play SP, Exiled Lands with no mods.


Hey @Technicolorfool

Thanks for the observation. We’ve sent note to Luba to be a bit more consistent with her lusciousness.


You had to snitch, come on.


Captured her today and noticed the same thing. thought Siptah class named dancers were, finally, coming to the Exiled Lands.

Luba is stunning, but is petite rather than lucious in her standard form.

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I finally got my 2nd T4 female Dancer, Sadeh the Lithe. This same issue is present with her as well. So I think it’s a fairly safe assumption to believe that most if not all the T4 female Dancer’s will have this issue present.

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