Lucid Dreams lvl350/Custom/Relaxed/No Limits

Lucid Dreams is a new North American server, ran by Redux Gaming.

  • This server is a very relaxed server, with minimal rules, plenty of mods, and custom content.
  • There is no block placement limit, so build your base as large as you feel necessary.
  • Old abandoned base will be removed via decay, so if you see a decaying base… go loot it.
  • There also is no thrall limit, and you can have more than one thrall following you at one time.
  • Player shops are a thing, thanks to pippi. just set up your thespian, and give it your stuff to sell.
  • At the moment raiding is turned of, but could potentially be turned on during the weekends, or may be a couple times a month, it is 100% up to the player base.
  • A quick glance at mods:
  • We do have a discord server. but this one is special. You don’t have to join it to play on this server, nor have to worry about your base being tore down because you didn’t. in fact you don’t even have to join it if you don’t want.
  • There is map events, and rewards for different achievements, then there will be staff-held events.
  • All staff permissions are limited to what they can do. They can’t spawn items, or adjust any stats, for their selfs, thrall or players.
  • Vip ranks are not pay to win. all vip rank does is give the player a major boost to quality of life. all commands and kits are obtainable via quest in game, or staff-held events.


Exact server name: LucidDreams Lvl350/Custom/Relaxed/NoLimits