Machine Tyrant E5+ random deaths


Machine Tyrant’s reflect shield will inconsistently reflect damage from DoTs and kill the player that applied them. This is a large problem for shotgun because DoTs The same problem the SF lair trash has but amplified.

Shotguns and Barflipping

The damage over time from effects that are applied while Anima Overcharge is active will continue dealing damage to you, despite never affecting your HP bar. This is evident when you go to Settings, navigate to Interface Options, and under the Combat tab, enable “Show target damage numbers.” You’ll then see your damage dealt while Anima Overcharge is active as red numbers ticking down to the right of your character. If you take hidden damage that exceeds your current health, you’ll die, even though you appear to be healthy and had dealt no direct damage to the shield.


Good to know, I thought any manner of damage to MT during the shield was simply death, guess its because just swinging for more HP than a player has.


Actually Ox, I have a followup question if you know the answer, since players are taking stealth damage, can they still be healed during that time (assuming HP bar is full)


I don’t know. Because of Lifeburn and the fact we tend to encounter the Machine Tyrant with no healer, players aren’t always at full health when they’re taking hidden damage, and so any bits of reflect damage tend to kill them in a few seconds.


I confirm, we had something similar yesterday. My friend used act and he had the damage from no source/ blank source there.