Machine Tyrant missing Anima Lead

This loos pretty new, as I’ve not had an issue seeing it show up before today.

The lead to the anima well starts showing up when I move Machine Tyrant closer to it, but by then, the entire point of the lead is moot–it’s there so I can concentrate on tanking the Tyrant without swinging my camera all over the place, because the lead will point out the direction and the existence of a well!

Do you mean the yellow ball of light that emanates from the Machine Tyrant in the direction where the next Anima Well is located? To be honest, I never took notice of it while I was tanking. :sweat_smile:


Yes, that’s the one I mean. I’ve been using it for years. Suddenly not having it is messing with my head!

I never trusted those orbs.
I am a tank by default and each and every time I am doing the Tyrant with my team I am trusting my instincts, knowledge and how fast I can spin the camera around :smiley:

The orbs appear very late, mere seconds before the shield goes up making it a useless hint.

Would be nice to have it corrected if it was intended differently

I’m reporting this because up until very recently, it has worked quite reliably. At least in my experience, for years in TSW then months in SWL. Then it didn’t.

I use the orb to tell me when the anima well appears cause well… until it appears there’s no point moving the boss. So for it to be unreliable is kinda a problem for me.

I haven’t noticed it be missing, but then again, I don’t even look for wells until it shows up. Maybe I should pay attention.