Another odd graphical bug

Currently starting off my day in SD to kill Jinn, Mummies etc. then moving to Kaidan to do missions.

When I move to Kaidan the draw distance seems have been cut down, which results in some very funky visuals. I think I remember this happening occasionally with other transitions to Kaidan, but the one from Scorched Desert is 100% of the time.

This is doing an Anima Warp directly there (free since I’m a Patron). Perhaps moving through Agartha would not do this.

A character relog will fix it.

Yeah, going back to the character screen and coming back in seems to fix it. Moving to another map and back does not however.

It really is the draw distance. When I rotate, I can see stuff being drawn in and removed at the edges, so the drawn stuff is in a triangle facing forward (not a sphere segment).

I mention this because I seem to be able to reproduce it at will. It would be interesting to know if it’s only my specific setup, or if others experience this. If it’s widely reproducible, it may be fixable.

So much for reproducing it at will. Today I went from SD to Kaidan and the bug did not appear.