Screen flickers after The Abandoned mission

Since we are bringing up topics about old glitches; after completing The Abandoned mission, out by Hatchet falls when coming out of the dead zone following the bajini, anyone have screen flicker and all meshes disappear , leaving a background view of mountains and valleys. Moving the mouse causes the screen to jump in and out of the view. The last time I completed the mission it would not come back enough to dodge the fauns and died, only to re-spawn with the same problem heading towards the Draculasti camp.

Only way to correct is to shutdown and reload SWL.
One other time it happened out by the cathedral passing by the hillside in besieged farmlands but hasn’t happened again, just The Abandoned now.

I’ve had this happen a few times in Hell Eternal as well.

It is a fairly common bug. I’ve had it a few times.

@JimmyTheRabbit has had some fun with it too:

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Just out of curiosity Cordite and Piankhi what video cards are you running?

Mine’s a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5.

Gotcha; I’m running Radeon RX560; thought maybe it was a radeon driver problem buuuut suffice to say it is a game glitch. Well back to the think tank.

P.S. Had an update when I logged in on the 1st; the screen was popping shadows a bit glitchy until I did a whole restart. Took care of it, maybe fixed the issues. I’ll do the abandon again here later to see.

I use a gtx 980.

I experienced this too on different occasions, running on a nvidia gtx850m :slight_smile:

Seems the glitch has been nulled. Hope everyone else has the fix as well.