Flashing screen/post process glitch?

**Game mode: Single-player (but probably not mode dependent)
**Type of issue: Graphic Bug
**Region: NA

Found a spot where the screen goes almost all white with a few squares of only blue channel:

From the distribution of the squares, it looks as if a lens flare effect is fighting with the color correction.

Head to Bonebreaker’s Bend, stand roughly near coords in screenshot, and look towards the Yog altar. It looks normal from most angles, but when moving the mouse around, the screen flashes and will stay like that if it lands on the “sweet” spot. Might have to fiddle with graphic settings to repro.

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Not able to reproduce on my end.

Maybe just video driver shenanigans then. Although, one thing I forgot to mention was I’m using a mod for the camera table so it’s always about where it’s at when sprinting. So without it, you may have to be further back.

Driver or your gpu has some problems.

Hey @illspirit

Could you let us know which GPU and drivers are you using?
Thanks :slight_smile:

GPU is an old GeForce GTX 970.

I was using 417.35 drivers, but just updated to 419.35 and it still happens.

To make sure our view frustums are on the same page, try using first person view at coords 80625.43, 173907.172, -20058.102 ish. All graphic settings are on high with 2x AA if that matters.

960 over here! waves

I got similar, but not the same issues.
More like… This!
20190210133755_1 20190224162741_1

I had issues covering almost the complete screen in white flashes due to lightsources, rain and reflections.

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Hey @Nuria

Which drivers are you using?

Thanks for letting us know.

test your graphics card with flur torture test), see if you get issues there, its a free download.

it could be your graphics card starting to fail.

Updated when geforce experience prompted me to, dont really remember if that was prior or after CtA.
However, this much reflections was new with CtA.

As It kind hurts my eyes I dont really want to check if that is still the case.
Didnt write down the versions where this happened.

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Geforce experience is a pain, and use way to much perf for what’s is doing. Better do it manual.
Not the only software with this bad behaviors at date, though. It’s the current way to do business. :wink:

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