Flashing white light bug!

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Video flashing white light

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  1. When I get near or open a furnace.
  2. I have had this problem since early access.
  3. It’s not the flashing green bug that people with ATI cards had, I have a Nvidea card and I have even bought a new Nvidea card and still have the same problem.
  4. Please do not close this thread after 7 days because that won’t help anything. How can others respond or even devs if you just close the thread without doing anything to fix it? It’s a stupid policy that needs to be changed. I saw another bug report and you people just closed it and didn’t even answer.

People with epilepsy could have serious problems or even die just being in the same room that your game is being played in. You should take this seriously before you get slapped with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Hey @Zagan

We corrected this issue with a recent patch:

Could you provide a screenshot to show this issue still in action?

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Thanks for your feedback.

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