Epilepsy bug - Flashing white light in certain conditons - A bit scary - Epilepsy warning!


EXTREME FLASHING WHITE - Dont watch if you are prone to epilepsy!

Im not sure how to tell you guys how to reproduce, but I’ve uploaded a flick so you can see what I mean.

After last patch, this happens when I enter my house. And ONLY inside my house!!
If flashes white light so hard - Im really glad im not prone to epilepsy.

Please watch video devs/funcom

Dont if you are prone to epilepsy from flashing lights!!!

It started after last patch, and dont understand why. Quit game, reloaded PC etc - and its persistant. Atm gooing into my house is really hard on the eyes.

KalQulate, PvE server 1018

That’s some crazy lightning.

I like your house though.

Design of the house is Rabidninja - So I cant take credit :slight_smile:
RabidNinja did a good job designing the house!

Everyone wants to make it huge and massive - He desgined this house small and compact, but still got all improved statons within the walls. Love it :slight_smile:

But the flashing white screen is making running in to house atm painfull

Became like this after last patch hehe

I havent tried removing ligjt in roof, because I cant look at things atm … :slight_smile:

Funcom - Got a tip?

Since its happening to me, its probably happening to other players

It seemed like it could be due to the lightning. Does it happen all the time or only when it’s raining?

Hi there,

just a heads up, I moved this to the PC Updates and Bugs topic for better visibility on the issue.

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Yeah, it did.
I just logged in to see if it was the lights, now its not flashing at all. Im not sure. Im gonna play later today, so ill be online during Night/Day cycle. See if night affects it. But yesterday it happend all the time.
Ill update the thread later this evening

The entire problem seems to have gone away by itself.
I have no idea why it persisted through logout and a computer restart the other day.

But atleast its gone now :slight_smile:

The issue is with the lightning rain storms and then looking at the improved furnaces (not sure it does the same with regular furnaces). I had the same issue last night. It only lasted for the length of the one storm and did not resurface after that.


The furnaces, and yes, i have the same bug. The culprit are the furnaces, i’m sure !

Nvidia graphic-card which is doing well, but this seems an other newer bug or light-glitch, hope it will be fixed soon because it drives me nuts !

But anyway, i think in the north especially, a bit less shininess on textures and surfaces would behave better, and look smarter. Just my opinion. It’s becoming especially silly while raining, and it’s raining lot in the north.

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I’m having this bug too and it’s driving me crazy this needs to be fixed ASAP.

I have seen this too, it’s quite disturbing and I am fairly confident it isn’t caused by lightning. I saw it in the desert, near the black galleon at night…

I’ve been experiencing this bug since at least 3-4 patches back. To me it exclusively happens in with any kind of furnace active in the green northlands when it’s raining. I currently have three side-by-side in my house and when all three of them are up and running, even looking in their direction makes the entire screen white, with little flashes of the game in between. I do not have problem with epilepsy but even so it’s extremely unsettling and straining on the eyes.

This goes hand in hand with another annoyance I have: The fact that the inside of your house gets soaked with rain even though you have a ceiling. I’d suggest they deactivat the rain until this, and the furnace flashing, is fixed.

I get this as well. And yes furnaces. But not all. Only one of my bases does this. (I have 5 I think with furnaces.)

had this happen yesterday, might have been with the furnace I can’t remember if I had mine running or not at the time. I was looking at my forge though when I was getting it, neither of which were improved versions.

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