EPILEPSY triggering bug with furnaces and rain!

There is currently a pretty big bug with the furnaces, both types. If they are on during a rain storm and the player is within visual range of them the lighting effects will make the screen flicker white really intensely. I am not prone to Epilepsy, however the flickering hurts so bad i had to quit playing the game. This really needs to be fixed before someone with epilepsy encounters this bug!!!

If someone wants to replicate this bug just go near “New Asagath” build a bunch of furnaces and wait till it rains. Once it does keep looking at the them, the flickering will start. The closer you are the faster they get.

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Are you using an AMD graphics card?

Nope. GTX 780 Ti. All drivers are fully up to date.

I wander if I mention that Funcom can get sued for not having an epilepsy warning on their game and yet indusing epilepsy. I wonder if this will get attention

I don’t have epilepsy but I have a strobe trigger due to a head injury. Bonks on the head aren’t so funny when you pass out on a dance floor years later. “Hey, grab that guy’s wallet!”

Metal chests when strobing, in particular, are very difficult for sensitive viewers. However, due to sophistication of graphic cards and user systems, end-users can prevent the trigger frequency from “playing” on our devices, so we see fewer seizure warnings from manufacturers these days.

Why did you come and tell me to that I can’t sue you instead, you know, fixing the problem or tell someone that can fix the problem. You just proved my point.

Do you guys seriously don’t care about the well being of your player base…?

So I did some investigating this morning. The PS4 boxes have a seizure warning, I possess a few. The XBOX version also has a seizure warning, from what I see online. The EU version of the PC box has a seizure warning as well. I can provide photo proof for the US PS4 and EU PC versions.


THATS NOT THE POINT. THE POINT IS THAT ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ITS A BUG. It is rather uncomfortable to play with that bug. I just want to know that it’s being looking into at least!

I don’t know who you are but you were of no help; you missed the point entirely. The last patched fixed it, I can play the game now; so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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