Light flashing at a Dafari-camp

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the light in the dafari-camp in sector I 5 (Pos. 80.708,875/ 174.034,25/ -20.062,9) on the left side of the Altair, in front of the chest are flashing in White color

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1.go to dafari-camp in sector I 5 (see coordinates up)
2.stand in front of the chest by the Altair
3. look around you, up and down
4. the light is flashing in a White Color (see screenshots bevor and after)

Hey @DarkJedi

Are you using any mods?
Also, would it be possible for you to record a small video showcasing this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Where can i upload a video?

If you wiggle your camera around a bit there, do blue squares show up? I had a similar problem at that same spot on map a while back:

You can upload it to Youtube and link it to this post :slight_smile:

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No there isn’t blue squares. It’s only white flashing, if i look around there.

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