The screen that flashes briefly in red during the game


I really love the game but I have a little annoying problem:

During a game (solo or coop) sometimes the screen of the game flashes red (of the order of a few milliseconds). It does not hurt the game itself, (no slowdown, crash or freeze), but it is not really pleasing to the eye. A bit like there were glitches all over the game screen.

I tried to run the game windowed and in full screen, reducing the graphics options, but the same, I have the same problem.

My pc: I7 3770k, RTX 2080, 32GB RAM and Windows 10

The last driver is installed (the game has been tested on the last 3 official drivers).

This problem, I only have with this game, no worries with other game and benchmark. Which means that my GPU is not in question.

Has anyone ever had this problem ? A way to correct this ?

Thank you,

Hey there @Whiskey!

That is definitely some odd behavior… I’m going to need a bit more info in order to better diagnose the problem. When you get a chance could you please send a dxdiag to the following email:

Make sure you reference this post (add a link) in the body of the message and well see what we can do.

Thanks for writing and sorry for the inconvenience…

I just sent the mail. Thanks.

Thanks, Just received it and will have my guys take a look at it I’ll keep you updated here.


I am sending you by mail a small video of the game that shows the problem. Hope this helps you.


Hey @Whiskey,

Received it all and we are looking at it, appreciate the help!

Now, please note since this issue does not affect gameplay or performance, it will probably take a little longer to fix in order to give priority to bigger issues.