Maelstrom has been neutered

Oh that’s a huge disappointment! I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of it getting harder and harder! Really? THREE? I can slaughter 3 at a time easily without a scratch all night!

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yeah its really bumming me out. I used to kill them south of Asylum of the Outsider, no fancy stuff, just me and my reaper queen, would usually get 40-50. but now, I get 18. and just sit there waiting for it to spawn.

You can thank the cheesers who were lagging servers shut with the gas arrow bug.


I don’t get it though, why not just make them immune to gas?


Was there a patch? I haven’t logged on since I am working atm.

Yup :slight_smile: -

Thanks, so then the Maelstrom is less exciting I am guessing.

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So now the grind for unstable ??? is even longer than ever… sigh


Because it wasn’t the gas that was the problem.

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Yeah, no. If these reports are true, this is on Funcom. They somehow managed to find the one solution that combines the worst aspects of all possible solutions they could’ve picked instead.


That was not my experience today, but I may have gotten too close to another player that was fighting a 3-skull maelstrom boss.

I think it would be a good idea if Funcom were more communicative and specific about what exactly they changed.

Some people seem to think things have changed but others (like myself) found the maelstrom to be largely the same as before the patch.

There did seem to be a lot less of those elder things that carried weapons, but they dropped lesser ??? anyway, so no big loss.

So you were in the South, try the North of the tower near the elephants, see if its behaving correctly for you now. I noticed the South spawned higher, but never got overwhelming or enough to make me sweat.

Yeah, I always farm in the south because it’s closer to my base. I’ll check out the north the next time I’m on.

When you were in the south did it still spawn to overwhelming rates? My normal spot to farm on the beach near Asylum of the Outsiders doesn’t spawn much at all anymore. And never gets overwhelming.

I believe the main issue wasnt that they could be gassed in an aoe (although that was an issue), it was that such vast numbers could be continually spawned that it was lagging up the server with each and every maelstrom. I for one cant be stuffed playing in a map that guarantee lagged to crap every 30 mins or whatever it was.

Its kind of funny to me. The devs dont want you to stand on terrain where the mobs cant reach you and you gas them, having the bodies create lag on the server.

Instead, build a structure where the mobs cant reach you and use thralls and pets…and gas…to kill them…allowing…bodies to pile up…

So, really, there is no difference.

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They could solve this by giving them a strong ranged attack like a yellow lighting bolt. That would prevent on top of obstacle farming very quickly.

Yes, something like that would prevent farming like it is now, which would decrease the amount of unstable you get, increasing the difficulty in getting high level thralls.

This needs more balancing.

Yeah, I agree about the balancing. I was just suggesting that if the corpse pile up from farming that abuses the AI is a problem then give the AI a chance to hit the farmers on the rocks. That would change the behavior. But yeah, I have my single player game settings changed so that the surge summons is a lot cheaper. Still a grind.

Not sure what you would consider overwhelming. It was just me and my thrall and there were like two one skull spiders, several hell hounds, a couple fungus men and a couple of those pale white humanoids. So maybe 10-12 mobs total?