Maelstrom only works when I reset the settings on single player co op

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  1. Log into single player/ co op
  2. Cannot find maelstrom until settings are reset
  3. Always have to reset to get storm
  4. Built a castle with admin
  5. Just normal admin commands, boosted setting. Nothing crazy.
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Do you mean you reset settings to default? Are you also able to trigger the event?

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Yeah, and then I wait all day and nothing else happens.

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Only if I reset all the settings to default is when maelstrom works

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Same with sandstorms on the other map

When I go to the red spot on the map it works when I fight the cultist dude but the only way to get maelstrom is to reset everything to default all the time. Also the storm doesn’t show up on the map. I’m scared to boost anything lol.

I’m using a base model Xbox one but never had any issues that shouldn’t cause that malfunction. Runs all my games fine, just that maelstrom bug. I’m about to keep it reset and see if I don’t change anything helps. I’m in single player co op using admin when I need it, just built a base and went adventuring and harvesting after. Maybe setting in my setting is making it go away? I only go x 2 on boosting exp. And nothing over two, sometimes 0.5 or ten on stamina and durability. I’ll keep and eye out for the storm, I know it takes a couple hours. Thanks for helping and checking into it. Only maybe my older model lags with textures but I have upgraded internet. I don’t mind a little lag. The game is huge and very fun anyway.