Magical Teleporting Elevator

So here are the screenshots of my magical ■■■■■ wonka glass teleporting elevator from Conan Exiles tonight. When I would approach it and it wasn’t rendering, it was still sorta there (several times I at first thought it was on the other side so would try to call it, but then it would appear, so this time I decided just to step out and see if it was there or not). When I stepped out, I was suddenly surrounded by the green of the highlands. While standing on the elevator, I could not get it to move. When I stepped off the elevator I would be back in the desert.

Just had the same bug, with one of my horizontal elevators.
It teleports me to The Frozen North, and gave me the steam achievment for exploring.

I recorded it and put it on youtube (but I can’t post a full link…)
So, add OuOAb_iR_2Y after the “v=” on another youtube video to see it.

I’ve gotta get one of those.

This exact bug just happened to me. Teleported from my horizontal elevator in my base near The Sentinels to the Highlands.

edit: When I jumped off the elevator in the Highlands, I fell back into my base. It teleported me back home as I fell.

Friend had this happen to him while in my game in Early Access.

I built a few elevators and he started freaking out, ranting about crossing dimensions and such. It never happened on my screen, kinda bummed I never got to see it first hand.