Elevator teleport

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug

After the May 25 patch, i went to use one of my elevators (horizontal), next thing i know i had gone from the desert near the hand of the maker to the highlands near the breach.

the elevator cage i was in was floating way above the ground - would have died if i fell off.

logged off and on, and was back at base in the desert, but teleported straight back to highlands before i could move.

several more log offs and on and i could finally move off the elevator while still in the base in the desert

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve had the same thing happen, but when I left the platform I was right back where the elevator was supposed to be. Seems like a weird visual issue

this is a fun bug. nothing to exploit about it though. your character is still whereever it was orignaly but just looks like you got ported to the north next to bridge. just simply walk off the elevator or pick it up. if this happens to you while in a box and cant walk off and picking up doesnt work. then all i can say is to kill yourself and take down the elevator without geting on the platform. i call the glitch (going to my happy place)

Yeah just a visual you can get off lift and be exactly where you were

My favorite thing about this glitch is how many people independently called it a Wonkavator.

Lol I didn’t think of that one.