Teleporting via Elevators

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Glitch | Exploit]
Region: [North America]

I was building a transport system with elevators in the Dafari territory from plateau to plateau. As I would walk away from any of these elevators and come back the elevator platform does not appear. If I were to walk up to where the platform is supposed to be I will be teleported slightly northwest of the Mounds of the Dead to a elevator platform in the hovering in the air next to some broken aqueducts in a body of water. If I jump again standing still it will teleport me back to where I was supposed to be but only for the few seconds the jump lasts. I can jump back to any existing platform to where I should be and it will let me go back but the chunks will be unloaded. If I were to not jump on the platform and pull the chain to summon it from the other side, it will appear where it should be moving towards the opposing side of the elevator. This only seems to happen on horizontal elevators. I am playing on the server Official server #2508 Pve-Conflict server - g-portal us.

yeah that bug is one of those that exist since a longer time, i reported this 3 month ago