Major delay after roll dodging finishes if rolling out of a stagger or stun

I’m on Xbox and have been noticing that if your knocked down or stunned and roll out of it, you still come to a complete unmovable 2 second stand still after the dodge roll or player will roll them stagger twitch as soon as roll is done before allowing any actions

Isn’t dodging out of these what we’re supposed to do to avoid the constant stun?

Why does dodge rolling have a stunned effect at the end? This needs to be fixed as it totally defeats the purpose of dodging if I’m still staggered to stuck or stunned after said dodge roll. I mean that’s liturally the point of the dodging and using it to get out of a stun………devs……if we can roll and dodge then that means we have broken the stun or stagger, that means the stagger or stun needs to deactivate, not stun is again for a second after we finish the dodge….

Yeah, if your roll out ends in a stunned effect that means you were too slow. Happens to me too sometimes.

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