Major Gameplay Flaw

Game mode: [Online PVE CONFLICT EU 1040 SERVER]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [Here]

My friends and I just recently purchased Conan Exiles and I have about 60 hours played in about a week. We enjoy it very much but have consistently ran into named areas/locations with player built structures blocking entry or just built in and around ruining the appearance of these monuments, caves what have you.
This is a game breaking issue. Unable to access parts of a game I payed for because the creators either allow building on purpose in these areas or fail to remove said player built structures.
YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BUILD IN THR FIRST PLACE. It’s not like this kind of rule is not already implemented in other areas in the game (like building close to other players) why isn’t anything being done about it? Seriously it’s pretty outrageous.
Please remove player built structures from these named places, monuments, caves what have you and implement a rule not allowing building.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I quite enjoy building inside ruins, like Old Nebthu, Tyro’s Passage, temple ruins in the jungle, etc. I didn’t want to clutter the server with my odd builds, so I crept into abandoned sites and made my hermit beds in them. It is hard to resist building my home in a spot I feel quite homey in. And it’s surprising how many things can fit inside small confines! :smiley: I take care not to block off any Lorestones, Recipes, etc., and to keep a good distance away from valuable resource nodes. And if it’s a passage way, then I make sure there’s a path to take through.

While I understand the frustration of not being to explore, let’s say… one of the towers along the Southern Aqueduct, due to a player-built base, wouldn’t it also reduce the possibilities of what we, as players, can do in-game if these majestic structures were to become no-build zones? I would find it quite sad if the opportunity to take advantage of beautiful sites were to be stripped from all of us, due to the lack of respect and awareness from others.

I’ve heard and read about the unfortunate blockage that occurs on many servers, and while I want the problem, and the opportunity to grief, gone as much as you do, I sincerely hope there is an alternative solution to changing them to no-build zones.

Conan offers us the freedom to build practically everywhere, to incorporate our surroundings into our builds, and maybe even get a bit of masochistic joy from dealing with the nuances and challenges of the building system. I believe it to be a great feature, and it would be saddening if we have to sacrifice that because a percentage of players enjoy unhealthy doses of Schadenfreude. :frowning:

The problem is people. We can’t have nice things because we tend to abuse our privileges.

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My advice is to avoid the official servers. There are no admins or moderators, no server owner that cares about what players do. As a result they are troll fests.

find a nice private server that someone who cares is offering to the community.


I’ve seen some tasteful looking structures built by players in the darker materials that blend well but the majority is ugly mismatched and haphazard sandstone :pensive:
I wouldn’t mind too much if it didn’t mess up the aesthetics. And unfortunately I haven’t found a place yet where a structure has not been cordoned off entirely.
Maybe if the had certain rules like how you do but enforcing them would be a pain. I know it might be a bit shallow but the building and decorating is like my favourite part of the game and when I see peeps just shoving a bunch of sandstone here and there it’s annoying :crazy_face:
Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, advice I wish I had followed from the beginning! :upside_down_face: Unfortunately myself and my friends have progressed so far and sunk a lot of time in a short amount of days that the prospect of having to start over at present is wholly unappetising. I think we’ll see how far we can go and start fresh in the future.
Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

@Dovahkitty I’m only too happy. If the experience becomes just too frustrating then please don’t blame the game. It can be truly worth it to start over on a better server, and with all you have learned you get a cleaner start. I play with a group, and we have started to make our own place names “Rhino Gorge”, or “Keel Creek”. The game can really take on a special flavor. Don’t let the little children trolls mess that up.


Hahaha! I think plenty of fellow exiles share the same petty disgust over sandstone :laughing: I know I do!

Until a workaround for blockage comes, I hope you and your friends eventually find a private server where this sort of thing is moderated. :smiley:

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