Major/minor issues since major patch

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Region: [USA]

Since the patch we have seen all the same problems as others here. Our group had been farming and building pieces to start out upgrading our new main village. However we lost entire cupboards and boxes filled with crafted parts and resources. But the major issues we are having:

  1. whenever you respawn it puts you in the floor, or at a random location near (within a 100 yards) of the bed/bedroll

  2. the paper doll is missing in the equipment view.

  3. item decay is significantly higher (tho I as the admin adjusted the decay rate)

  4. structure supports are now decorative and do not provide support? We now have to redesign many buildings that we had. Now we are unsure if we can re-enclose the map room.

  5. we are also have issues with rubber banding

  6. thralls not sure where to start, they won’t stay ontop of a foundation stone, their pathing wonky as well.

Seems the mother of all patches was a mother of all breakage. I think most of our group is more concerned with the paper doll right now, since everything else we can attempt to work around.

This is a private server we are have hosted by a company.

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