Paper Doll has vanished since Friday July 6 patch . . . you can keep it, give me a Thursday restore!

Game mode: [Singleplayer/ Co-op]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

I have a previous post with 4 points. I forgot one. My ‘paper doll’, the figure that shows your character, has disappeared. The armor slots show but the visual representation has disappeared. poof !

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. I turn the game on. Since the Friday patch, I have no paper doll. Please give me a back and restore from Thursday and I do not care if this works or not.

yup can confirm the character won’t render in inventory screen. If you log in for the first time your character is there, if you press i again the character is gone which causes heavy fps drops and blurry textures.

Confirmed: “paperdoll” will not appear in inventory screen.

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Correct I am in PC SP PVP and paper doll has vanished on inventory screen!!

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PC SP PVP - In addition to my post above, I also noticed that the armor displaying on the Inventory panel is NOT showing as dyed and I am sure that it did before. I dyed some armor and it still shows the original greyish color and also the paper doll is displayed the FIRST time that you open inventory, after that it is not rendering at all.

Weather is still not working on SP PC PVP.

And here I thought this was due to a mod…

Confirmed on my end by disabling all mods and starting a new game. Broken on both singleplayer and multiplayer.

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I think they know about this issue, but Im sure its at the bottom of the list of concerns right now… Bigger fish to fry.

Yea but that should not be at the bottom because this is the reason we have major FPS drops and blurry textures. As i said in another thread spam i and look at your FPS and textures. This is why it should be fixed asap.

For some people the game became unplayable. The workaround for now is press i again click stats and hit ESC. You have to do that everytime the inventory was open.

How would something NOT being there cause FPS drops? Especially when not even in that window view.
I don’t question that FPS has reduced, and at the same time the doll vanished, but I do feel that it was something else in the patch which has caused the FPS drop mate.

Performance is perfect for me (4790k, GTX 1070) but as soon as i open the inventory for the 2nd time my fps gets cut in half. This is due a loading issue of the “paper doll” imo.

You can check this by yourself. Start a fresh game or log in, don’t open the inventory. Open console type stat fps and stat unit. Now open the inventory multiple times and watch your fps and gpu latency.

You will also see a drop in GPU load. GPU usage goes back from 75-90% to 45-50%.

Maybe it does for you mate, but I can honestly say that our PC’s don’t suffer the same symptoms as you. I just have a slightly lower FPS all round but only 5%-10% reduction, makes no difference how many times I go into the inventory.

Do you have AA enabled ? If not, check again at 4x or 6x please. Without AA the blurry textures are not present if you opened the inventory.

idk why the paper doll is rendert the first time but not the second time.

I’m using a Ryzen 1700X, not overclocked, 16GB ram and a crappy Nvidia 970GTX

When in game, I get 60+ FPS now in an open area, no buildings
When at my tower base/village, my FPS lowers to about 35 FPS

Not great I know, but that is constant and has been for some time.
With the most recent updates, my FPS reduced to these numbers but remains constant irrespective of how many times I go into my inventory. The PC my Mr’s uses is the same.

AA? Whats this mate?

Anti Aliasing (Video Settings.)

if i turn it off i dont get the blurry textures when inventory was open, if i turn it to 4x or 6x textures get pixelated/blurry as hell when the inventory was open. ^^

Of course… brain fog for a moment there. I will test. brb

hehe, okay, thanks :slight_smile:


That’s what i am talking about: Blurry Graphics bug (temporary fix)

This has something to do with the paper doll and AA in my opinion.

OK, Here are my test results. Using a 144Mhz 28" monitor at 1920x1080 - FPS on Uncapped

My previous settings were on:
Medium, AA 2X - Getting 45FPS in my house
Went into inventory 3 times, not change, no blurred graphics.

Logged off the game, changed settings to:
Ultra, AA 6X - Getting 43 FPS in my house
Went into inventory 3 times, and ran around, no change.

My doll was there for the 1st look in the inventory, and not afterwards on both occasions.

There must be something else causing your issue mate. With PC’s all having different hardware, drivers and OS’s, the problems people are having could have any number of causes. Or maybe I’m the odd one out this time.

I don’t use Ultra most of the time because it does make my card run hotter, but does not cause any loss of FPS most of the time.

Just off to read your link.

Edit - Going to go out looking for a monster to see it the edges are blurred.

Alright thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

You can see the blurry edges on yourself when moving.

May i ask which Nvidia driver is installed? I’m at 398.11 at the moment.

398.36 - Installed yesterday

Many of the bugs only seem to hit some people whereas others don’t get it. It’s all very strange.

Others claim to have invisible trees etc with this driver too, not happening to me. Could it be area’s of the map? I’m in the highlands right now.

Funcom have 7 days, then, if not more stable I will be buying this I think.