Blurry Graphics bug (temporary fix)

Game mode: Online and Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance?
Region: Europe

After your Mother of all Patches, when you open your inventory 2 or 3 times your character preview disappears and every character or creature model in motion gets pretty blurry and edges get jagged.
I’m not 100% sure but it feels like graphics performance gets a hit too when that happens.

switching to the Stats tab removes the blur till you open the inventory again.
Turning off Anti Aliasing gets rid of it too at the cost of the AA effect.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

1.log on your preferred server or in singleplayer and close your inventory several times till your preview disappears
3.move around and see


I have this, it took taking up anything and everything, that I can put into my inventory, so we can retrieve our thralls that fell through the foundations. I would jump and see that things looked a bit fuzzy.

Same issue here. Character looks blurry/pixelated when moving.

Same issue here, both the inventory picture of the character vanishing, and the blurry/transparent character when moving.

It started with this patch.

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Today i noticed, that it went away after maybe half an hour to an hour idling/AFK.
But as soon as you open and close your inventory a few times it will come back again.

Mine is gone today as well

maybe the sattelite camera when you are AFK makes it go away temporary.

Looks like motion blur on a character only.

i found out some kind of solution for now.
when you switch to the stats tab and close the window, the bug is gone as long as you don’t open your inventory again.
So if you open your inventry and always switch to the stats tab before closing its fine for now.

Edited the OP to include this info without scrolling down.

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Also having this issue, glad you were able to pinpoint what was causing it.

Turning off AA solves it indefenitely for now if you don’t mind.

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yes, turning of AA is a solution too until it’s fixed :slight_smile:

Opening the stats tab also fixes trees, rocks, scrubs being transparent to the skybox as seen on AMD graphics cards with recent drivers. (which is not fixed by disabling AA, and which do not have the blurry graphics bug)

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That’s good to know, and i’m sure the devs could fix this easier now :slight_smile:

Anyone seem to notice this bug happening again after the hotfix on Wednesday October 3rd? Or is it just me?