Edges of Character Blurry (Anti-Aliasing)



Does the edges of anyone else’s character look blurry when running around after the Oct. 3rd hotix? I believe it’s something with the anti-aliasing and it happened in the past (see thread) but it seems to be back. Just trying to find out if it’s happening to others or if I’m going insane.

I run the game with all settings on ultra and 6x anti-aliasing.


Update: After looking around it a bit, it seems like it might only occur in places with a light / white background like the snowy areas in the north.


hey now that you say it i thought oh god my monitor is going to fail, are you an Nvidia user with the latest drivers installed? if so then i’m 99% sure its the darn drivers, because now that i think of it it happened after i updated the drivers, and other games have the same problem for me btw.

could be related could not be, just trowing in here what i experience


That’s not the only issue with the newest Nvidia driver’s either. When using the devkit/UE4 on a 4k monitor, when you move your mouse it blacks the screen, then it turns back on, until you move the mouse again.

Nvidia has a lot of bugs it seems in their latest stuff.


I am not using the latest Nvidia drivers for my 1070 myself. I’m wondering if it’s something with the type of anti-aliasing they use in Conan. It seems to only happen in light / white backgrounds for me, like the snow areas or bright desert. In the normal desert, jungle or temperate areas it looks fine.


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