Seeing a blur effect on bodies and our own body moving

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug/Performance
Region: Americas

My fiancee and I play on our own dedicated server and have noticed that when we are moving in 3rd-person view and/or looking at a dead body of an NPC that we will see this blur effect on ourselves while moving and a really bad blur on the dead body. Also, when placing items we see a motion blur effect on the item we are placing. Turning off and on motion blur does not reduce or eliminate this effect.

Also, when are you devs fixing the weather issue inside homes and the heat/cooling issues with the clothing etc or even in homes? Still seems bugged.

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It’s due an inventory loading bug.

Press i click on stats and hit ESC, blurry textures should be gone and fps back to normal.

That does work, but man… I can’t decide which is more annoying, the blurriness or remembering to go to Stats before exiting the menu!

Yup it’s annoying as hell and i hope it will be fixed soon. If you don’t click on “stats” and then hit ESC the game gets blurry and you will lose like 50% FPS.

Thanks for that information. Hope the devs are aware of this and are working as diligently as ever to resolve it.

it’s fixed already with today’s hotfix.

Just update your game. :slight_smile: