Blurry Character Graphics Suddenly

Game mode: [Dedicated Server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

After the patch the character art is very blurry. When standing still it’s fine, but when moving, the character edges blur and the warpaint blurs. This is giving me headaches. Please fix this!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Move around while playing a character.
  2. Behold the blur!
  3. Get headache.
  4. Take some ibuprophen and try to not watch your character while playing. :c

I have the same issue.
Are you also experiencing certain objects being see through? Not invisible, you can make out the shape but still see what is behind it (usually the sky). Examples I can think of are stone nodes and a trebuchet.

Also the blurriness applies to other players walking or moving around me.

I’ve tried the following:
Changing all graphics settings to the default templates for low, medium, high, ultra.
Reverted to ultra and lowered shadows to medium.
Removed anti-aliasing
Removed V Sync
Motion blur has always been off
Updated to latest GPU drivers and software
Restarted several time.

My set-up:
CPU: Intel i5 4590 (I think…)

Happened since the mother of all patches

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it’s the AMD driver, you’re not alone.

You must go back to an older one which was working for you, let’s hope AMD will adress this issue.

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Ah, thank you so much!
I’ll give it a go later on.

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I have a nvidia 980 and get the same blury pixliated crap when moveing.

I’m using a Nvidia card, too and same issue here, blurry edges, blurry / pixelated character when moving.

yeah me too, and all the others playing on our server.

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I’ve noticed it too. When moving parts of the character become blurry and even semi-transparent.

It started with the latest patch.

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Oh Funcom, your bugs are so weird. And so plentyfull.

Yep I’ve had this problem since the Thursday patch, I have an Nvidia card. It occurs the second time you open your inventory after logging in.

  • The first time you open your inventory, the paper doll is there and all is good when you leave your inventory.
  • The 2nd time you open your inventory, the paper doll is missing and when you leave your inventory menu anything that moves is VERY blurry.
  • If you open your inventory menu, then before closing the menu go to the Stats tab and then close the menu, the blurriness will not be present.
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Let’s hope this will get fixed soon :slight_smile:

I have this problem too. Nvidia card. Just noticed it today, so I guess it was caused by this latest patch.

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Yup it came with the big patch.

It seems to be fixed now with the new hotfix.

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Yepp, it is fixed! :slight_smile: