Character turns to pixels when moving after last update 7/5/2018

Playing on ultra and everything is running smooth, but soon as i move my Character it get pixelated.

Same issue here. my character looks exactly the same when moving as yours.

I have this issue too - it also totally messes up motion blur if you have it on.

Corpses are often doing this too. If you turn on motion blur it makes it really obvious as they are just a blurry smudge.

so…i checked a few things. First i deleted my local config file so the game is running with standart settings.
After that i deleted my entire singleplayer savegame (In singleplayer i only test things with admin panel, playing regular on my private server with friends.)

verfied integrity of game files via steam. - No errors.

Fired up a new singleplayer game and my character is still a moving pixel lol.

lol was hoping for a solution there in the end xD

Sorry :frowning: i hope this will get hotfixed.

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