Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

I build with a good mixture of wedges and squares and had many items placed on wedge shaped foundations and ceilings. Maybe my server was lucky but I didn’t lose anything with this patch. Just for the record, I only have T2 buildings and upwards, no sandstone.

this issue has todo with the Synchronization of the Weather & TIme of the day.
Official Server have turned ON the catch up option, where if someone logs in , he first needs to catch up with time. It is for perfomance and synchronization reasons todo it this way. Sandstorm should fall in this category

Probably helpful to note if people are playing with mods too.

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Volcano and Frost forge missing

MASSIVE BUG!! If you delete a foundation In your base, all the thrall fall down to the next level or into foundations. If there on cielings they fall down and die, we have just lost 13 thrall that fell and died and have about 50 now stuck in a massive pile of stacked foundations that we cant recover unless we demolish are base. This has happened to a few other clans on are server!! PLEASE HELP!! you need to do a roll back or something.

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Let’s hope they will fix most of the bugs the next few days.

  • graphic glitches like missing leaves on trees ( Screenshot posted by @Solry)

  • graphic glitch when moving (blurry/pixelated, like i said before. Here is another Thread about that issue: Character turns to pixels when moving after last update 7/5/2018)

  • Food spoil rate (for example one roasted haunch is gone after 10-15 mins)

  • Temperature system messed up. Very hot in the desert with heat protection clothes is not something i enjoy. I don’t know this was intentional, but i guess not.

The same thing has happened to us! 50 thrall stuck at the bottom of stacked foundations!!

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+1 I confirm, just tested it. Had a thrall on a square ceiling 2 walls high. Removed a random foundation under the ceiling (not directly under him) and the thrall fell through and under the foundations.

I only have a single foundation, half height, not stacked. The thrall vanished so must have fallen through the ground too.

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Or in the vein of composite obsidian, create composite black ice? Make (oil + black ice + time)


I thought the blurry/pixelated look when moving was just me. Guess not. It’s particularly bad in weather like rain.

A separate install would work too, I already suggested that. But the main point is that the live servers have things that persist from one build to the next i.e. player structures. The Test live has no such thing on it so there is no way to really see what damage can happen if they push a patch to live from testlive. I think they rushed the patch point blank. Why did they not just wait and a address the items people found in the test before pushing it. Most of the issues people are complaining about now where known and called out right here in these forums during the test. The DEVS chose to ignore them knowing the issues they would cause and patched anyway. My build location is fine but i had a big open area inside with columns to support the levels and roof, obviously they did something with the build system that was not in the notes.

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Ye we need to highlight this problem! We have basically lost 100’s of hours of game time on an official server by these thrall dying, this needs to be rolled back pre patch and fixed!

I think the most crucial problem lies in the weird spoiling rate.
I literally thought there was a bug with yellow lotus - that it would eat my resources but not create anything.
Actually, it does craft the potion, but the potion spoils in 10 or less seconds.

I appreciate your pain. As a solution, could you not sure-up your walls using fence foundations, then remove the foundation blocks to recover the thralls?

I only ever use a single layer of foundations then build walls trom there on. I hate the look of tonnes of stacked foundations.

Undocumented Change: The Khitan warpaints now have color.

Note: For object item/disappearances. We have observed these only on T1 sandstone and T3 stonebrick wedge foundations. I think this is due to the mesh for this foundation being made flat. Prior it was difficult to align and place on these foundation types. I am not having this issue now. I think when the meshes were updated on the servers anything that fell into the old mesh was considered invalid and destroyed. This may be also why it is affecting some but not all players. (Small price to pay for a finally flat foundation going forward. I’ll take it)

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So many people asking for a rollback and the devs are gona sleep on it. The longer it takes to decide to rollback the more people you are going to annoy. I don’t think we will be seeing a rollback.

I can’t invest anymore cash into this game if this is how they are going to handle things after full release. I accepted it in EA but I expect more from a fully released title. You are going to have to do something pretty significant to regain my confidence funcom.


I don’t think you’ll see a roll back mate, it would have happened already. I know it hurts, but try to figure out why your building did not survive, many did.

I have done a check on all my bases (still g-portal, private, pve, no mods server).
Can confirm that absolutely all cupboards/chest/armorers that disappeared with the patch were placed on triangular foundations. No exception.


Bug: The Advanced weapon skill ‘Halfmaker’ which is related to spears no longer crafts to component needed to make spears. The spear recipes (from what I have tested) now require the ‘Spear Handle’ which is made by the thrown weapon crafting ‘Shaftmaker’, rather than the ‘Long Handle’ which is part of the core skill.

This was not the case prior to the patch. Though I see the logic following the naming convention, you should be able to make the components needed for the related weapon as part of the skill that gives you access to those weapons. (as it was pre-patch) Perhaps the thrown spear handle should be a ‘light handle’ rather than ‘spear handle’?

Edit: This is affecting the star metal spear, serpentman spear, dragonbone spear. It is not affecting all two handed spears. It does not affect the Khitan spear or obsidian spear.

Happened to me exactly as you say. Had to break foundations to scape. And I´ve lost many thralls.