Significant performance hit after opening character inventory

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Performance ]
Region: [Here]

My rx570 does 60fps near continuous (capped at 60). After having opened and closed the character inventory (or the map), fps decreases to ~45. That is at least 25% decline in performance.
(it also causes mineable rocks, trees and scrubs to be transparent to the skybox, and causes the character preview in the inventory tab to disappear.)

A temporary fix (until the inventory is opened again) is to open and close the character stats tab. This also temporarily fixes the transparent rocks, trees etc.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. observe in-game framerate (stats fps)
  2. open and then close the character inventory
  3. observe significantly reduced framerate
  4. open and then close character stats tab
  5. observe restored framerate
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I have the same issues and the temporary fix also helps.

GTX 1080 8GB
16GB ram

Had steady 60 FPS on Ultra in 1440p before the patch. Just in some extreme taxing situations fps dropped a little. Around 4-5 fps and not very often. Now it’s dropping frames left and right (sometimes below 30) and stutters like hell. Testet other games, just to make sure it’s not my system. All of them are running smooth like always. So yeah…the patch brought the performance down big time. At least for me.

Oh btw I’m playing single player if that’s important.


It helped me a bit as well, but I’m still getting way worse fps in some places/biomes than before.