Major Performance issue

Dear funcom team!!!

I have a playstation 5. Before the update to 3.0 the loading time was nice, i know the differenc cause i’ve played on playstation 4.
But now with the update 3.0 i was like ok loading time, i can life with it. After the patch 3.x i have 5mins loading time after i died or when i leave a dungeon and i play on a playstation5!!!

My wife is playin on playstation 4 pro and she is standing in our base and she have freezing screen. If i do sorcery her screen freeze. She is very mad. And you all know how it is with a red dragon at home :slight_smile:

A friend of mine is still playin on playstation 4 and he was 30mins online and in that time he got 15 times a freezeing screen, he thinks to make a pause with conan cause of that problems.

For me with playstation 5 its laggy after the patch 3.x

On the other hand i really like to play conan but with that Performance problems i think about to play another game until that problem is fixed


I had to upgrade my PS4 to a SSD just before the update for i was unable to play because of the constant lagging and almost two minute loading times. The update hasn’t affected the loading time for me, still the same ~13s after death or teleporting. Game often freezes when browsing the pass and challenges tabs though.



Day 24 of major issues. All reported.

waiting on info about a patch…

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For real!

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