Make Consumables Great Again!

Although this is probably less of a concern on PvP servers, end-game on PvE servers consists of a lot of using the gear, items and consumables to maximize the efficiency of playing Conan.

Consumables are one of those items that offer a tremendous amount of variance to your character setup. Recently the game was patched to allow fewer of these consumables (Food, Potions, Warpaint, etc) to be used in conjunction with each other. The result on PvE servers has been less time needed to invest in playing the game to acquire these once useful resources.

I’d like to propose a revamp of consumables with a particular focus on how to incorporate as many of these features as possible. If this means reducing the stat bonuses of the consumables I think this is worthwhile because with effort you could still acquire the desired additional pts thru allowing the consumables to stack better.

Allowing the use of more consumables will demand more gameplay to access these benefits and in turn keep players in game longer. It will reward effort put into the game and therefore makes effort more worthwhile to invest in.

I speak from a PvE perspective and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how this might effect (improve/degrade) your game experience.

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