Make it Monthly paid to Longer Life and Bigger Game

Simple as the title…

make the game monthly paid,

Reason 1: because this way, Funcom, you will keep your players WITH YOU MANY MONTHS / YEARS, always making money to keep expanding the game, Maps, Quests, Monsters, Levels Limit (or no limit, like i already suggested), everything…

Reason 2: because its been proved that little monthly payments bring more money to the company then something simple sold once (Apple Music, WOW, Tibia-Cipsoft and much more companys proved this);

Reason 3: little fee’s like 5 / 10 / 15 dollars per month, the most of the people doesnt mind to pay, (make an fair account please, because if is too much the opposite will happen, people will leave…)

PROOF: look how World of Warcraft and other games keep themselves powerful after many years, no matter if Survival or MMORPG or anything, that just doesnt matter, what matters is that people will keep here if you BRING NEW THINGS HERE, and for that, you need money not just in ONE MOMENT;

OBS: for that works better, you should make an FREE PART OF THE MAP, to people EXPERIMENT the game, i already suggested that on another post;


They are currently bringing out one paid DLC ~ every two months.
If they can keep that up, thats sufficient for my point of view.


interesting, there is an link with more info with this project??


Here check the release dates:

The first one can out in June and since then, one every two months.

The next one hopefully comes with the february patch, but as usual nothing is announced so far.

Nope, just NOPE!

For this game you’'ll piss of MANY players if you raise a fee.
You can also generate an income if you maintain a game well and provide “greate expansions/addons” and those cosmetic DLCs. that should be enough.


Funcom already publicly commented on this suggestion. They won’t be adding a monthly fee for Conan Exiles.


in long terms, Thats NOT enough, those DLC’s keep players just one or two months more,

im talking here about 6, 10, 20 months… YEARS, thats totally possible

the players “pissed off” you talking about are volatile players,
the company and faithful players SHOULDNT CARE about those, they will be out of the game in just 20-50 days ANYWAY, paid or not paid monthly,
kk i knew someone would be talking that

…also, the company also can compensate the value we already paid in 2 or 3 months free for who already have the game


those 4 expansions are already been used since a good time, i have two of them

anyway… my point is those DLC’s are also limited, they will not keep launching DLC’s for years, too much work, too much bugs and not long term profitable

didnt saw, but i believe on that,

but anyway, wanted to let the suggestion again anyway,

so they can see there is players looking for long term game-plays

Well since there is no official server cluster like in Ark (where you can transfer stuff and characters from server to server) the game won`t necessarily die out, when they stop supporting official servers.

So once the game reached a feature complete and stable state, I don`t see why they should be continuing active development besides occasional bugfixing.

And latest when the current gen consoles get replaced by the next gen ones, the game will drop anyways, unless Sony and Microsoft allow it to get portet (wich they don`t most of the time).

It´s not like this is an indefinetly expandable MMO like WoW. So there will be a point in time, when the game is “done” and the devs move on, maybe to Conan Exiles 2? Who knows.

And until that point, in my honest oppinion, the DLCs are sufficient to keep it running.

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They are well aware, but they don’t want to do it for a multitude of (very sensible) reasons. They even turned their designed-as-a-subscription-game Age of Conan into F2P.

While I personally wouldn’t mind paying a subscription for the right kind of quality servers with service to match, I sincerely doubt the market would be big enough to warrant the investment. After all it’d have to be able to offer enough improvement over private servers to be worth it - and I think that’s a losing proposition. There’s also the fact that Conan Exiles has much fewer players/server than does most traditional sub-based games, and the potential for griefing is so much higher - so the tickets/paying player (which is what matters) would probably be through the roof.

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As I recall, Guild Wars 2 did really well and continues to have many players, with no monthly subscription. You just need content that is good enough to keep bringing in more first time players, who will then accumulate all the DLCs and future paid for expansions. Any big expansions to the game will likely be a $30 cost and like many other games, could very well come once a year. Not required for existing players to buy, just like the DLCs, but very desired, so they WILL buy.

So if they pump out a couple good DLCs and one expansion each year, that ends up being about $50 per player, per year. If they can keep half a million players active, $25 million a year isn’t bad. Considerably better than any other game they ever released.

If they don’t do any expansions, it will eventually lose most all of the existing player base. DLCs are fun, but eventually you are tired of seeing all the same places over and over, so expansions are very important.

Apparently there are limits on how much they can stretch the game engine by adding new regions to the map, and they’ve basically hit the limit already. So there’s no real space for more big content in the way WoW does it.

What they could do is add more depth. More “neutral” or peaceful colonies, more quests, more, I don’t know, stuff. But that would eventually start filling up the land that was designed for us to fill. It would turn the game from a survival sandbox into an MMO with some building elements - some because all new permanent content they add would inevitably reduce the malleable playground we can use for our own creations.

They’re already doing that, even if slowly. The new designs for the Unnamed City sound just like that, adding depth to an already existing region. Wisely enough, it’s a region where building is mostly blocked anyway and where no sane person would want to spend a lot of time, so it’s unlikely to rob many opportunities but add more.

A monthly subscription would also add pressure to Funcom. They’d feel obligated to keep adding new content every month so their customers would feel like they’re getting they’re money’s worth. Better let their creativity determine the pace of expansion, and not the demands of a content-hungry market. We have plenty of examples of how it could go wrong in the MMO sector.


What about all the people who bought this game in early access and willingly suffered though nearly 2 years of bugs. Now i should pay montly? Lol…and buy dlcs too right?


There’s always somebody that thinks monthly subs are a magic pill to fix bugs and exploits and keep cheaters, hackers, and other “undesirables” out. :roll_eyes:

The mandatory monthly sub model died out years ago and I say good riddance. This is not me just not wanting to pay for things. I’ve paid monthly subs before. Paid them for years. But after going through several F2P model games, I quite frankly find that I enjoy them more when I don’t have that burden hanging on my back. I buy DLC, I pay for some micro-transactions when I feel they’re worth it, but I now find monthly subs for access to be a huge turn off. I bought the game, I should have full access to it whenever I want. Period.

Fully agree with that…
Aside from the fact that I got bored with ESO, I hated the fact that you NEED 2 subscriptions to play. Xbox gold and ESO.

That’s like subscribing to a fitness magazine requiring a gym membership as well.

FYI, ESO dumped it’s monthly sub requirement quite a while ago. It’s F2P now. They have an optional membership sub called ESO+ that gives you various bonuses.

If you don’t sub, you still have full access to everything. Though you do have to buy the DLCs separately if you want access without the sub. If you haven’t played since they required the sub, you might think about taking another look because a lot has changed since then. Also there’s an upcoming expansion unlocking Elsweyr and adding the Necromancer player class.

@Glurin it wasn’t a dig at ESO, I was happily a plus member…
The fact that I have to pay a third party to play a game I paid for, and continued to pay for is a rort…

But just to be clear, that’s not why I quit ESO.

Like WoW high end gameplay requires a lot of time and finding a good group… neither very fitting to a casual play style…

Yeah, I haven’t totally given up, and will probably go back to ESO at some point when my situation changes…

final fanthasy xiv
but thats mmo wich work little bit different

The frequently pushed DLCs server as some sort of regular contribution to funcoms work. See it as that and keep buying them.