Subscription (heard the boos)


Hear me out, Funconians…

After putting close to 1000 hours into this game I came across a wonderful idea that likely has been mentioned, so if this is a repeat, sorry…

With the appreciation of this game, the numerous modders and available playerbase out there, add subscription requirements. (This is where I figure boos come in)… FUNCOM let’s be honest here, you have limited staffing performing updates and such for multiple games, which I didnt pay much mind to except Secret World. Your fiscal overture might be around 7 or 7.5%? Start subscriptions! Not over extra items or cosmetics, etc, but to sustain your company.

Now I get it, free play, do DLC, yadaa yadaa, but come on. You have a gold mine lacking a more complex support staff (nice, eh?) keeping up with a game that is a diamond in rarity, titanium in structure and a money pit waiting to happen!

Would you have frantic shifts in player base, well, of course… every successful company has to deal with the good and bad, but seriously, a larger staff base would raise morale at the work area and give developers, managers and public relations much needed breaks. You can put a damn espresso in! (Lmao)

Getting back to point, better feeling company = happier players, more development and research/testing can take place and be implemented, chaotic bug coding can be squashed without an OMG moment and us players can properly support the makers of an incredible game with a dynamic world full of wonder and exploration.

Food for thought, maybe a repeat, nuff said.

Sincerely, a dedicated gamer and someone with too much time to write this. :smiley:

Sheaths, bags, cloaks, pouches, caps, withdraw and return weapon animation for holstered weapons

Not sure if this is irony or not


Sorry Tascha and others, I have to bump since I’m genuinely interested in your response to this subject.


Unfortunately, throwing money at problems does not resolve the problems. It could create more issues.


We absolutely appreciate the suggestion, but we made a decision from the start that Conan Exiles wouldn’t have a subscription fee. We are still sticking to that decision :slight_smile: