Make purges player based.... not clan

has anyone noticed that purges are clan based? when you join a clan your purge metre becomes the clan’s one… could this be changed so its player based? this way all the members of a clan can get purged.
if we wanted to in some way keep the clan based purge we should add a second purge metre that automatically targets the largest base in the clan… make it harder then the personal purges.

thanks for your time



Purges target bases, not people. A player joining a clan adds all buildings they owned into the clan’s pool of buildings, therefore the Purge wouldn’t know who to target.

And if ownership of bases didn’t get turned over to the clan, other clan members wouldn’t be able to use each others’ bases. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement a feature that separates buildings to categories such as “this is mine”, “this is mine but you can use it” and “this is our clan’s”.

When a Purge targets the clan, everyone in the clan can join in the fun of defending against it. That’s part of being in a clan, isn’t it?

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There is currently no provision in the game for determining whether a given structure belongs to this or that player within a clan. It’s simply clan property. Tagging each structure with ‘owned by (player)’ upon joining could probably be done (it’s all known information at the time anyway) - but what then if said structure was expanded upon, and then the player left? So I’d say it would probably be a hornet’s nest of what-ifs and knock-on issues to change that - though if Funcom were ever to develop CE 2 (with a proper time for development this time please :grin:) it would be something to look into.

Personally I created a clan solely to allow my brother to utilise my assets.

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