Purge the clan base, not mine | PvE(C)

Purges should not attack everything closest to their spawn location.
Purges gotta attack the clan they purge.

I’d like to see this changed cause I don’t get the warning of being purged, but I take damage from time to time…

And more importantly it seems players are griefing with building close to you, in the hope their purge attack YOUR base and YOU take damage (yeah, trololol, part of the game much fun enjoy…).
Building close is n’t the problem but getting their purge hitting a non purged clan base is incorrect and should be fixed.


Actually, building close can be a damn big problem. People can build very close to you on purpose and that can create significant problems for you.

One problem is that if you get a human Purge, their archers can merrily kill any Purge-only thralls that you were hoping to catch.

Another problem is that they’re limiting any possibility of expanding your base. Want to add a balcony on your 3rd floor? Sorry, that land is already claimed.

And, of course, they can get their Purge to damage your base, but at least you can do the same to them.

All in all, as long as PVE-C servers don’t offer any way to declare a war on another clan and destroy their buildings, I’d rather keep this Purge behavior as a last resort against trolls and griefers.

I agree, but since building close is allowed… I did n’t want to focus on building close, just the way purges work and trolls abusing the system (not only trolls, some player might do it too not intended).

Then I prefer the other clans thrall to be non active to your purge. Players will still be able to kill any purge just not getting help from their thralls when the purge is not theirs.

I think that pretty much solves the problem here.

I know Funcom does n’t intend to protect trolls, but in a way trolls get too much freeroam ruining the experience for other players that play the game how its intended… (playing on a private server is n’t the sollution so if anyone recommend this please don’t… its stupid and I heard it already over 100 times)

But the biggest problem is that you may get hidden by a purge (caused by other players) without even knowing about it - while the other player gets a warning ingame at least! And due to this 1) you are forced by the game mechanics to get online nearly every day during purge time (something that is nearly impossible for many players with duties in RL as well!) and 2) even when online you often cannot do much about the purges caused by other gamers at all because you do not know where they strike (if you have more than 1 base you will have to watch and guard all your bases for the whole purge time if other players’ constructions are nearby.)

So I agree having purges hitting only those players causing them would be the fairest solution to this problem!

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Thank you, the more people agree to this matter. The more serious it will be taken.


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