Make the architect mod a DLC and support It On official servers I would totally pay for that

What would it take to incorporate the architect mod into the base game? In the last devstream you showcased a couple of mods, that I actually was pretty excited

about. Like the Mason line. That’s an amazing mod. But I have a couple of questions does that work in public server? Because if those mods don’t work on a public server I wouldn’t be showcasing them because you’re showing assets and benefits that 90% of your population can’t use.

But definitely would like to see you add Mason lines. To the game and how does that work if a modder comes up with a really awesome mod and you want to incorporate it into the game are you allowed to do that?


Yes that would be great seen the mod on the stream

I missed the stream… I love to build but only play on officials and on a console. Am I going to be heartbroken with longing if I watch?

I’m a huge fan of the low fence gates from the mod myself.

The process of licensing the mod as official content is probably a lot more trouble than the devs are willing to go through, though. I don’t really expect them to see it integrated in the main game.

I’m a PC singleplayer guy and I can use any of those things but I would still like to see this sort of thing official because it means it’s cleaner, better optimized and more bugfixed.

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usually when i see a Mod on PC, and it gets show cased… we will never ever, ever ever ever ever ever see it on live game, PC or Console) Cause lawyers! And if Funcom does there own… More Lawyers show up! He he he.

After seeing ropes… I was like OOoooOOooO new fence to use! (outside there purpose…)

Scaffolding! OoOoOoOoOoOo what i could do with those!

Fences that don’t look like a 3yo made them? OooOoOooOo!!!

I doubt will ever see them on ps4 (or xbox) which is a shame.
I’ve seen alot of people ask on Capcom, Konami etc… Maybe nowadays its more likely happen.


In some ways it’s kind of messed up, because it shows the potential of the game. And then how lockdown they are and unwilling they are to make quality of life improvements. Some of that stuff is so simple and people have been asking for it for over a year since early access. And 90% of the population plays on public servers so it’s to contrast. I used to play on my own server and I found it too difficult to keep up with the mods, after this next patch I would like to see the development team spend a couple of months like a solid quarter just focusing on quality of life improvements. Well maybe the art team worked on the next DLC.

I also would like to see them completely step away from their DLC model, and actually introduced new models. Like circular staircases, and stained glass windows. I post a lot of that stuff in my wishlist video series that I’m doing. I’m up to like 40 videos now. All of them are quality-of-life improvements some of them are so simple and they’ve been asked for forever. To be honest it’s really kind of frustrating I feel like I’m yelling at a cinder block wall

We as customers can make an educated judgement (to a degree) based on modding around a game.

If the modding community ends up with to merely provide further enriching versions of the features present in a game, then it is a great game and devs can really call it a success delivery. However… If the same modding community ends up with to provide actual enriching features that the game shouldn’t have been released without, we can almost safely say that the delivery flopped and any licenses involved could have been better invested on the modders themselves. Also it’s important to keep in mind that a ’ flop ’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the game dies any distinctly faster rate or it isn’t at all worthy to invest in. It merely means my money goes elsewhere even if I’m not.

I haven’t been following the game for a long time, got it only a couple of weeks ago, because I saw serious additions and improvements even compared to May 2018.

However, the more time I spend with it, the more I see gaping design, UI and UX holes that can be patched up with a snap of the fingers - really minor quality of life stuff that won’t break balance or PVP or anything really and that can be implemented super easily. Individually, none of those things is much an issue but they pile up pretty quick.

I already bought the Year 1 DLC pack and can’t say I regret it, but seeing how long people have been asking for those simple QoL fixes and how little has been done about that makes me hesitant about Year 2.

Yeah illspirit has made some amazing building mods, I especially like his Stygian building kits which I was a bit surprised they didn’t showcase also since it fits so well with his Exile Architect mod :slight_smile:

all of this stuff needs to be added in to the Base game!

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