Incorporate good mods in your base game - for example building pieces

There are several mods that expand your game with cool pieces, without taking from anything.

It would be cool if you could incorporate those pieces - and expand them into the DLCs where modders have no access.

For example basic building styles can be enhanced with pythagoras pieces, walls (and windows) that have twice an inside or an outside visual, smaller gates, rounded windows (with metal bars for the hole), doors that are in the middle of two walls, etc.

Thats really nice. Whats sad is, that these parts are only avaiable for basic building styles, OR mod included styles. While the nice looking DLCs you sell miss out on those parts, and therefore get less awesome.

A cool solution would be to incorporate those building pieces in your base game and expand to your DLCs.
OR you could make it possible for modders to make parts that rely on DLCs, so such pieces could be made avaiable for the additional building styles you add without you doing work.


im all for implementing mod stuff into the base game, theres lots i want on ps4 that yall gots on pc.

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Funcom probably pays attention to popular mods, and will likely draw inspiration from them in their game design. But they can’t directly copy-paste code from a mod, even with a modder’s permission, because they need to make the stuff compatible with console platforms, too.

Also, some mods which break the limitations of the building rules in the game are doing just that - breaking the rules. Implementing those directly into the game may have (and in the case of some mods, have had) unwanted consequences that break the game in some manner or another. So Funcom will pretty much have to build these features from the ground up even if someone else has already done it in a mod. That’s why, even if they see a mod with a very cool idea that they’d like to add to their game, they can’t just wave a magic wand (or a bag of money) and make it happen.

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I am not referring to code and other changes, I am well aware that there are some (many / most) that will not fit the basic rules that Funcom has.

But building pieces are mostly an optical thing, that should not pose that problem. Not even with consoles.

Example: A wall that has not outside / inside decor but twice inside or twice outside. Nothing else different from a standard wall. Should be no problem, just copy the model, and bring the same for DLCs - which should be fast work, since the visual can more or less really just be “copy & pasted”

Different windows? Same thing, etc.

The same goes for weapon designs etc. Although in that case the work needed is higher, because there need to be decisions if something fits in the universe, has a fitting style etc. (Would be the same for new building styles, but those are not those I refer to above)

Again the same for most of the decoration that mods bring in. A bit more work I guess, because performance is an issue, and again it must fit the style, but it has a huge potential to expand quite a bit with less work.
Thats actually something that I wouldn’t really profit from, since a purely visual decoration doesn’t make much difference if mod or core game, but the Console Players might.

This get’s requested more then a lot. Not going to likely happen for many reasons. Even if Modders would be perfectly fine with giving up their projects and never get to work on them again (which is what many people seem to assume for some reason).

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Ah. When you referred to the Pythagoras mod, I was assuming you meant the different geometrical shapes that I believe are part of that mod. Those would be a lot more work than just visual overlays because of the way building blocks “snap” together.

But just cosmetic stuff, such as interior walls with the same texture on both sides? Yeah, I’d buy that DLC.

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Actually, I was, in parts (although there are other things in there that are great as well)
I just assumed it was nothing more than assigning “snap sides”.

But you made me rethink that, and I remember some issues I had with those pieces, so I guess you are right, the snap logic for those probably would need work too.

I just wasn’t aware of gamebreaking consequences this mod has, or wasn’t that directed at Pythagoras?

i dont know about that mod since i am playing on xbox, but as as soon as you have one side longer than the other, you need new walls, fences, ceilings, roofs - for every length of that side… thats why there is only one triangle in the game i guess… i dont know how the mod handles this.

thats what i need too. its looks so ugly if you build a room in a house with black ice for example. at least from one side of that room…
and doubledoors ftw xDD

No, I wasn’t referring to Pythagoras here. I don’t use it myself, so I wouldn’t know.

Id LOVE to be able to get mods on xbox, Id stop whining about the hair and clothes physics and finally drop my 40 dollars on that year 2 season pass and the 2 dlcs i need to buy.

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