Implement Chosen Mods in Base Game

As it was confirmed again that no mod support is planned for consoles, why cant you implement the best mods in the base game ? could be a similar thing like Chosen of azura.

people choose the mod they want most urgent and the original author receives a title, while the mod is beeing implemented in the core game, so all plattforms can enjoy it.

I begin with the wheel of torture that should show the thralls being broken

For various reasons. A selection off the top of my head, in no particular order:

  • The mod may not be good enough for general distribution (any or all of polish, quality, performance on consoles/servers)
  • The mod may contain assets (graphics or code) that Funcom cannot legally distribute.
  • The mod’s author may not want that to happen. While Funcom might have the legal right to do so anyway (I’m not sure), they wouldn’t do that.
  • The mod might not fit Funcom’s vision for the direction of the game.
  • Integrating that mod into the core codebase might be a gigantic amount of work.

Of course you are right. There need to be clear restrictions.

But I do not see why some good ideas should not be implemented in the core game. The opposite could happen:

I have read the idea of the thralls beeing visible in the Wheel of torture very often and I like this idea - to be honest I would have expected this to work in that way.

But if you are consequently this would mean that this idea will never find the way into the base game only because an author wrote this as mod and that this would imply Funcom cannot do this any longer ?

Then I would ask to completely disallow mods (complete exaggerated view , but should show the direction)

Oh I quite agree, but you did ask why it couldn’t be done, and - well, it can (technically speaking), but I do believe the above are among the main reasons why it hasn’t happened so far.

For the record I am an official server player, which puts me in the same boat as console players, really. So I’m all for it in principle.

As a PC player… What?

Exaggerated is not the word I would use for that view.

“If I can’t have have them nobody can” is essentially what I read that as.

Edit: I’m not opposed to consoles getting mods and you have interesting and good ideas.

But PC players should not be affected by consoles lack of mods… ever

I see your point of view, but it is not quite correct relating that if I cannot have it, why should other people. Absolutely no!

Maybe it is because i am no native english speaker…

What I mean is: If mods makes it impossible for funcom to implement these ideas in their core game, then they should not allow mods, because this would block the development. But I do not believe this is the case. I hope, that ideas realized from modders can be used by funcom.

Example: The core game wheel of torture does not show the thralls that are beeing broken. Should it be, that funcom can never implement this in the core game, because of the rights of the author who made this mod ?

But i guess this is not the case, is it ?

Funcom can, and absolutely does, implement the same ideas existing mods are doing. The fact that a mod exists does not in any way limit Funcom’s game design.

But Funcom cannot directly copy-paste mods into their main game. Modders won’t know how the coding works for consoles, and any major features need to be made not only for PC but also for consoles, so Funcom basically needs to build each new feature from the ground up. Mods can definitely serve as inspiration for new features, but adding them into the official product isn’t as simple as “just copy whatever the modder did”.


This solution concentrates what I intended to suggest…… And this extract stays as suggestion.

But I guess, this suggestion will take the same way as most here (hint: 7 days)

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