Make this game more like skyrim

More npcs to talk too, cool background musics… need something?

Conan Exiles definitely needs to spruce up some of the basics. Quests, GUI updates (hundreds of them) and other essential features would go a long way in keeping Conan Exiles fun to play over the long term.

The biggest issues Conan Exiles faces today is it’s essentially a base building game with few other mechanics. People build a base then log off for weeks or months between updates, only stopping by to refresh.

Quests, or some other form of advancement (faction system?) would go a long way in keeping players interested and returning. The returning of players is what keeps servers populated. Populated servers make the game fun. Fun games make money.

This should of course all be done Conan Exiles style, and the devs are plenty creative enough to figure out a way to introduce some mechanics that reward and interest players over the long term.

I think a lot of stuff has been on the back burner, and hopefully with this new Battle Pass they will have the funding to add those missing key elements that modern games should have.


Ah yes please let me fortify restoration loop I wanna break it

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They need to fix the lag and high ping, less players is a problem, they solve it bringing new content, server population increases, and here comes the lag, trolls and so on, server population backs to decreases. (on official at least i dont know how it is on privates, but in servers list i could not find one that lasted as long officais)

Or alternately, instead of turning this into an MMO-wannabe game, they could use the BP system to motivate players to do in-game stuff, i.e. “go do this to get some Crom coins”. And maybe combine that with in-game events they could add from time to time.

Or even better, they could implement game mechanics that would enrich the way players interact with each other (e.g. player-built “shops”), so that players themselves could organize stuff to do on the server, instead of just building and collecting stuff for no special purpose.

But advancing in some rat race? If I wanted to play New World, I would’ve stuck with it throughout its beta.


Tbh, one thing I liked in elder scrolls was the e mail trade system, and the chat panel existed even in consoles, it’s very important to be able to chat without leaving your gaming screen! For all the rest I do believe that Conan needs improvements yet it is a better game by far (for me)

Core Features. Conan exiles needs them. They don’t have to become a MMORPG, but implementing modern basics would make the game much more enjoyable. The first company that successfully creates a fully fleshed out (feature full) open world sandbox “MMORPG” is gonna be the next great thing. Conan Exiles needs to introduce their version of a handful of features, to become the winner we all know it could be. Upgrade its servers to host a larger player base and they could be swimming in the profits they are desiring.

Shops would be nice, along side a slew of other core features that are common in most modern games. It’s not so much that Conan Needs to make this game like “Skyrim” or “any other game”, rather that those games are implementing obvious QOL features that literally everyone on earth appreciates. Funcom could create their own version of these features and implement it into the game. Promptly prosper.

Example. An in-game mail system for Conan Exiles could be as easy as a Hawk with a note attached to it. Simple, sweet, add a little animation for sending off your message with a flying bird effect. Any player that “has mail” would simply see a hawk perched patiently on their “mail box” which would be a bird perch. Players can now check their mail without breaking the lore.

Most of us can put this together in our heads in a dozen minutes. I wish Funcom would just get to it already.


Why is any of this needed? You can literally get every recipe and build a massive city if you wish in less than a week. I could understand asking for new dynamic events… the only thing that would be worth trading are crafter thralls to maybe cut down the rng. We could always benefit from more stuff, but adding mmoish things in a 40 player max game wont really help anything. Especially because you can just meet up and exchange in person in less than 10 mins travel time

We cant even have server transfers on without many complaints

EDIT: i mean maybe if they increase the rng odds to the negetive side, slowed down crafting and progression, added city builder type stuff with npcs doing their own thing and randomly making the sword of ultimate domination under the right circumstances, most of what you suggest would be valid, but thats a whole different game entirely. I feel like alot of people would see this as a turn off

I’ve got more time spent in Conan Exiles across three steam accounts than Elder Scrolls 1-5 and ESO combined. I don’t need NPCs to give me a direction. NPCs belong on a wheel and broken to do the tasks I want them to do.

So let’s not.


Agreed. I would like to see exploration or item finding rewards maybe , but not baked in Exiles telling other exiles hey I need this problem fixed. In Conan Exiles it would go something like this:

Random npc exiles talking to me, "Hey Exile I have this problem that you need to solve and then I may have coin to reward you "…Clunk, Slice, Splat, Thud. Dead. Me, "Problem solved. Thank you for the coin. Sheesh, imagine saying I needed to solve your problem for your coin. Should have chosen your words better and never demand from a barbarian as we don’t take rudeness well . Hmmm nice amount of coins here think I will go watch some dancers and have a drink and maybe have a drink with some dancers…hmmm. "


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