Making a keeper

Hey guys,

Recently came back and never levelled a keeper so thought its time :slight_smile:

Currently level 91 and got a ql103 panther on so doing alright damage. My question is - perkwise, what would be best to focus on? As ive been soloing alot i have 5 in AoR and about 3 in Reaver for 2he. My AI is also in Heavy infantry but i made take this out now i have the panther equipped.

Should i stick with reaver and AoR for now?

Also any weapon/armor advice long term would be brill :slight_smile: thanks

I usually like the nano combat alien perkline more, the perk does a bit more damage and you can skimp out some IP on nano skills while levling, unless you’re going to PvP early you won’t have a need for the AR from the perkline either :slight_smile:

As for normal perks I would make sure to have enough in Reaver for the highest damage perk you can use, if you solo a lot I would most likely opt for at least 4 points in Bio Shielding for bio cocoon. Absorbs are OP for PvM!

I personally use Training Seminar while levling for that sweet XP goodness, but if you don’t have the needed equipment to solo fast and well then it can be better to just use those perks for defensive actions.

As for weapons, you could aim for a QL 105 Panther and stick with it until 151+ where you can get a Special Edition Kyr’ozch Sword from Sector 7, once you reach Penumbra you can do the xan quest there for Blade of Khione, it’s great and you can upgrade it later on to a Blade of Khione’s Will. Really nice weapon with a stun proc that will help you out in PvM.

If you have the money you can swap out to a Kyr’Ozch Sword - Type 112 as soon as possible for higher minimum damage, Copy of the Excalibur is also a nice option with a huge damage range :slight_smile:

Good luck and welcome back!

Fantastic thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: really appreciate it! I keep seeing the special edition kyr’ozch weapons, would i pick one of those over say copy of excalibur?

Now im over 90 i can level with CI which will be a big help. I think ill consider the move into bio shielding, AoR is nice and good for the team around my level but i guess it depends how much solo leveling im doing.

Thanks again!

Once you leave elysium you’ll do more damage with the special edition over the excalibur. So for PvM purpose the special edition one will be better (unless you’re hitting aliens or RK mobs, then excalibur is better).

I’d actually hold off on Reaver until higher levels (excluding spare perks) and pump all your perks into AoR first then Bio Sheild. AoR got a tweak a while back to boost the healing, and it’s really great now, and then Bio provides your emergency/hard fight Absorb. However, I tend to play a very defensive, tanky/solo keeper.

Don’t get me wrong, Reaver is a great perk line, but I personally haven’t felt the benefit from having it until you start approaching 200.

I also seem to remember hearing that the perk actions from CoNC are equivalent to the CoHI perks actions, so I’d agree with the max that first (until you stuck behind level locks on your nanos).