Making it possible to reclaim items after "wake up naked"

As I guess many will agree, laterly it has become very frequent for people to wake up with inventory empty without any reason.

I did not have that problem since EA but today I joined the lucky bunch. After reviewing the event log, all personal items lost are clearly visible (and to no surprise, very close after server restart and a patch deployed - official 1004).

Suggestion goes:
If it is possible for me to see which items I lost while I was clearly offline and there was no other outside interaction, it should be possible to make a filter that would catch a list of those items.

I guess simply returning those items to personal inventory would be difficult for several reasons.
So why not making a station where one would be able to reclaim lost items?
Maybe some sort of “Redeem Shrine”. And to know someone has items waiting, put a “redeem ticket” to personal inventory.
Those tickets would be created on server restarts.

This is a fairly instant idea, but maybe it’s worth giving it a thought.

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A great suggestion, however I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears.
I recently made a suggestion to allow players to reclaim lost items/thralls &pets after a crash or at least allow players to set a “home base” for travelling thralls or have them return to the nearest bedroll/bed after a crash.

Unfortunately FC seem to have other priorities other than repecting their players time and effort.

Sadly the T4 bearer and the 25 slots of star metal, black ice, pets, T3 thralls and other materials I had worked hard to farm in the north and was in the process of transporting to my main base when my game crashed are apparently gone forever, causing me to leave the game.

I do not know how many players leaving it will take for FC to decide to prioritize respecting the playerbase and their time, but I think it is coming, I see alot of frustrating posts like yours and mine that indicate people are reaching the end of their tolerance for what is basically a respect issue.

CE is a great game with a really fun world, base building and player progression. All of which are wiped out by their refusal to fix game stability or otherwise address lost items when a crach happens.

Sadly they seeminly just don’t care how many hours of time invested in their game players lose due to their unwillingness to fix game stability in an expeditious manner.

Personally I have returned to other games and come back to visit this site to continue to advocate for change and to hope that one day FC will start repecting their players’ time and fix some basic game issues, that ruin the experience for so many.

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