Making people pay Third Age Fragments for Solar Shards is a disgrace!

Yes i have. TSW had the same, but you also had to buy TSW, not to mention originally you also had to sub to play. Furthermore new content was also something you had to buy. SWL needs something to replace the buy up front, and the buying of new content. Nothing comes for free, but here you have the option to pay in time rather than real life money. Nobody demands you are the one to put aurum into the system.

Well, it gave me something to spend fragments on, even if it was only a one time purchase…


You mean like a monthly subscription?

Yes originally back in the days a monthly subscription was a must … the lack of this is partially made up for with the people that decide to sub in SWL.

i was being sarcastic

You are welcome =P. Sarcasm translate poorly on text if you dont at tone to it ;D.

Believe we are runing off topic though.

Anyways you are allowed your opinion on how they earn money, same as everyone else. Maybe this item will get a second source if enough people refuse to buy it. Constructive calm feedback might be more effective than an angry rant though.


Golden Week.

I’m not fussed.

It’s funny, their decision to make the Custodial Infuser 200k has made this irrelevant to me, I can’t afford 3 Infusers so I don’t need the solar shard.

The museum is an enormous shard sink, you need many millions to get it fully upgraded anyway. What’s another 600k?

Would be like saying games like archeage and most mobile games are fine because “it’s a free to play and you can get everything with time”.

IMO that poor mentality tarnishes an otherwise great game. It becomes a design objective to make the game tedious enough so it becomes tempting to spend money. It’s probably one of the reasons why SWL went from TSW’s 90% steam review to a mere 45-50% like archeage (or it’s that famous steam players conspiracy?).

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I would suggest everyone who isn’t happy about this situation to do just that. No reason to cave in and purchase a Solar Shard right away. What is Funcom going to do, remove it from the game? The Guardians and Automatons Wing has been mostly empty for one whole year, it could afford being incomplete for a while longer.

I’ll refrain from buying this because the Museum in its entirety can’t be completed without the Orochi Wing anyway. I guess that will be my turning point. If they finally manage to put the Manufactory dungeons in the game they get my fragments.


A lot. It’s a lot

Meh, wing completed. If they decide to make that shard cheaper I can still redecorate the place with copious amounts of filth vomit.


And yet, if more people are playing it and paying for it, why the hell would funcom care if the people bothering to review it give it a lower score? Making 10 people really happy is less useful than making 50 people fairly happy.

Pretty hilarious discussion regardless, as have barely scratched my museum after I realized how many anima shards I’d need (and I’m in a perpetual state of shard scarcity due to my playstyle.)

The solar shard is an eyeroll in my opinion.

I would suspect the reviews just charried over do to the fact that SWL took the place of TSW in the steam libaries and the steam system didn’t purge all reviews just cause.
But no…on second thought you might be correct, funcom pulled there strings they have in steam and handled out a plan to keep the old reviews to make themself look better. Totally…

Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”

I believe it to be more likely that between funcom implementing SWL into the shop and the steam system some mess up or oversight happened than that Funcom acted out of malice or evil marketing intention when the reviews moved over from TSW to SWL.
Sure it’s a theory but so is your Con theory. In the end both hover in this limbo of “maybe”.

Call me a fanboy for it and in a way I am. I always try to find reason and explaination for actions in the development and don’t let the easiest answer be the one I take. I see no value in pointing fingers at funcom and think that working together with devs without blaming them outright is the path to take. Many won’t agree, especially among the old TSW guard but it’s how I prefer to look at thing.

So when the reviews moved over I assumed they changed the name of the game and changed the files you download from the TSW launcher/game to SWL and didn’t go through the process of making a new shoppage for SWL and closing the TSW one. Which lead to the reviews moving over and things like the DLC too.

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It wasn’t “stupidity” that made them try to convert every TSW installation to SWL without asking for consent. Steam or otherwise.

The intent may not have been malicious, but make no mistake, it was deliberate.


It was worth a try indeed. Though, population wise I think it’s more like:

Making 10 people really happy is less useful than making 12 people just not annoyed enough to leave but enough to pay more than before.

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But how many of those ten people were paying anything? If we’re bringing money into it, I’d say it’s more like 3. really happy payers. :slight_smile:

If this thread continues to devolve into bickering about TSW vs SWL and its relaunch, I’m closing it.