Making PvP Servers playable for the longhaul

As we all know in any survival game, once you get to a certain point in the game, there really isn’t much to do aside from being a dick to everyone else on the server. I think the Devs still have a really great game on their hands, but something needs to be done to welcome in new players to already established PvP Servers, since of course Funcom isn’t wiping official anytime soon.

Suggestion 1: Allow for all resources to be found everywhere around the map, eliminating the need for multiple bases everywhere for the big groups. (Possibly have materials have different name but same functionality like in Ark lol)Allow people to make the best weapons at home, maybe unlock them up North, but encouraging we only can make certain weps at in certain areas only encourages big plans to have massive bases everywhere, which really is very common and an eye roller when they have bases everywhere in all the best locations.

**Note: Apply the same thinking to the purge as well, I shouldn’t have to build a base up North to get a thrall the makes the BiS weapon for example. The idea is to spread people out and nerf raiding(later mentioned).

Suggestion 2: only good if you follow suggestion one, once we get past the tutorial, allow people to respawn all over the map to spread people out.

Suggestion 3: Everyone has been begging for a nerfed raiding system since day 1. Make it so orbs no longer damage t3, mats for explosives are more rare, and everything overall does less damage. If I’m an end game clan thinking about raiding someone, my clans main focus should be choosing who I want to take out vs how many people I can hit in x amount of time before raid time is over.

Suggestion 4: Better base defense (less cheesy ways to bypass) because the current system sucks. Walking past a well decked out base in Ark meant instadeath.

Suggestion 5 and 6: Mounts to make traversing the land faster and smaller wheels taming pens and map room which would encourage smaller and less eyesore bases everywhere, since anyone can loot these.

What about a noob vault that is accessible by all players, but only players at level 20+ can put things in and only players-under-level-20 can withdraw things from? I’m not sure what an adequate incentive would be. Maybe the text that shows which bases belong to who could show your clan/user name in a brighter or different color?

And maybe it has a little graphic that shows what can be deposited. Helpful resources only, like iron, steel, steelfire, iron reinforcements, steel reinforcements, star metal bars, etc.

This idea is in its infancy but I kind of like it… I’ll think more about it and maybe turn this into its own post. Because I do agree that noobs have a hard time starting out on new servers and there are certainly things that could be done to help.

I don’t think this is a great idea.

I personally enjoy making a travel plan around what I need and where I need to get it from. And I like having bases all over the place. There’s PLENTY of room for other people to have bases close to resources and I never crowd them too close or anything like that.

For the PVP-oriented folks, this means more targets. For the people fearing PVP, this means more dummy bases that may not have “the good stuff.” It’s a win-win in that capacity.

That said, I do think all purge thralls should be available in any purge and not area-specific purges. It’s just unreliable and a nuisance in my experience so far.

I can see your point and there’s merit to this idea. If respawn defaulted to the desert but there were an option to spawn in the ocean (already swimming, maybe?) or Sepermaru, that would be pretty cool.

I completely agree with this. Raiding and destroying things should be much more difficult than it currently is. There should be more investment on the part of the raider, and more time taken to adequately break into something. I would also like to see thralls made more vicious/effective.

I don’t know how I feel about this suggestion, honestly. I am curious about Ark’s system but I don’t think I would want people afraid to even investigate or peek at my bases.

I disagree with this one. I don’t need to traverse the land any faster than I currently do, and devs have already stated that mounts would screw with the loading process and render the game nigh-unplayable.

As for ‘less eyesore bases everywhere,’ I have map rooms and animal pens that are housed quite beautifully if I do say so myself. That’s up to the individuals installing them and not an inherent flaw of those items being so large. However, I would also like to add that having either should present the risk of being found more easily, so I appreciate the size requirement.


Randomizing the spawning of resources could be a good suggestion since people who got 2k hours know by memory every and each node around the map. Randomizing the thrall spawns in camps could be a good suggestion.

Random player spawn around the map is impossible given the programming skills of the devs, they can’t even bother to add a eating animation, immagine creating an algo to track all bases so that you don’t spawn into somebody base…

Nerfing the raiding system??? More nerfed than this??? I’d rather have back my 24/7 raid time mayhem gamemode thank you, since you can raid out of raid time anyway…

On base defenses I’m all with you, even Atlas have better thrall AI than conan exiles.

Again with the mounts, the map is so small you can cross it side by side in 30 minutes…

I think the focus should be on “haste”, like in rust, where even if you loose your base and all your belonging you can still make an equip from looting camps and get back into a fight, making the gameplay “faster”.

The best way to help noobs, imo is to improve comms, specially on consoles…

No voice chat, no world chat, sending someone a message on Xbox, drops you out of game…

I enjoy solo play, but when I (rarely) come across someone, a wave is pretty much all one can do…

if only I could say, ‘he dude, want to go explore that cave over there’
Raid the cave, give a high 5 and be on our merry ways…

Even Conan teamed up here and there with randoms…

I think the biggest solution to increasing longevity is simple, let people keep their equipment when they die.

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Yes! I just had to suffer this again due to the no corpse bug…

Someone had a great idea, a prayer at your shrine to lock current equipment…

It’s not fun, it’s not survival, I just adds needless grind…
no thick hide at my respawn, so now I have to grind at least 2 tiers to where I was…

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