Man in the Box / I Alone. (Open, feel free to RP)

London Heathrow Airport - West London, England.

Eun-Ji’s customized Grilled Salmon Salad arrived, and she delicately adjusted the arrangement on her plate to her liking. Engaging in a bit of people-watching, her attention was drawn to an airport employee approaching a man at the bar. Her curiosity had previously been peeked in that direction due to the mismatch between the two.

Intrigued, she overheard the employee inquiring if he was the Sky Marshal for the San Francisco departure. The man, confirming his role as law enforcement, exchanged a few words with the younger woman accompanying him. Their conversation hinted at a shared workplace and a reminder not to be tardy, alluding to a boss. Eun-Ji discreetly continued observing, tolerating her meal while absorbing the intriguing airport drama unfolding nearby. It was interesting to her that a Sky Marshall would be drinking right before active duty.

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London Heathrow Airport - West London, England.

As Eun-Ji wrapped up her meal at The Oceanic Pub and Kitchen, she carefully arranged her things and made her way to the restroom to freshen up. The crisp scent of hand sanitizer lingered as she rejoined the stream of travelers heading towards the departure gate. Opting to stand and avoid prolonged sitting, she observed the boarding process, her patience evident as she waited for her boarding zone to be called last. As she progressed down the narrow aisle to her assigned seat, a sea of glances followed her, blending admiration and curiosity. The former, because she had the presence and appearance of a model. The latter, because she was dressed like first class but was in the back of economy. The Dragon organization booked her seat intentionally, to emphasize her lowest on the ladder status as a newcomer and no amount of powers, legacy, or wealth would merit special treatment.

Settling into the last row of the plane, she donned her noise-canceling headphones, diving into a book on tape, determined to navigate this journey in her own focused orbit.

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"Now are you asking because you’re curious or because you’re interested?”

Lumina’s face felt like it was on fire, and she could only imagine that her face was redder than her hair, which only made her feel even more embarrassed. Thankfully Corinth was sympathetic, and after informing her that he was single and had been for some time, he told her that he was willing to overlook her past mistakes and encouraged her to keep her head in the present. By the end of his brief sermon, Lumina had caught her breath and was calming down, when she noticed that Corinth’s attention had moved onto somebody else. She glanced in the direction he had and spotted the cute, well dressed asian girl at the nearby table and sighed. Men were all alike…

“So, do you go by Lumina or is that a nickname? Should I call you something different? More professional?”

“Lumina is a nickname, but it’s the name I tend to go by. If you’d prefer a more professional name, I guess you can call me Jennifer, Jen, or Miss Hawkins.” Lumina responded. She had never quite recognized herself as Jennifer, as the name had been given to her only upon joining the Templars. Instead, she felt more like Lumina, the bringer of light to dark places. But to Corinth’s point, Lumina was a weird name, and on top of her unusual hair and eye color, could make her stand out more than was ideal in situations where being non-descript would be more ideal.

Just then, she noticed a uniformed airport employee approach them. Perhaps Corinth’s gun had been noticed after all.

“Are you the Sky Marshall for the San Francisco bound plane?”

As Corinth affirmed the employee’s assessment and confirmed the followup question about meeting with the pilot. So that’s how he got permission to carry around a gun.

“Don’t be late for the plane. I would hate for you to have to go back and tell the boss you got left behind. I got you bumped to first class. Thank me later.”

He was being awfully generous Lumina mused as Corinth departed in badass fashion. It would be nice to have that kind of self confidence…

Lumina sat in silence, finished her meal, and paid for her food. The second glass of wine might have gotten her a bit buzzed, but it wasn’t like she had much to do for the next fourteen hours, or however long this flight halfway across the northern hemisphere would last.


Boarding had gone smoothly enough. Lumina had never sat in first class before, so she was looking forward to the experience, even if she didn’t really think she deserved it. Hopefully it hadn’t been too expensive for Corinth.

She wasn’t disappointed. Lumina had all the leg room she’d need, plus desk space with a port she could plug her laptop into, and even a TV. And that looked like it might be a fold out bed! Not to mention the relative privacy! Lumina did not see Corinth himself, but assumed he was in the main cabin doing Sky Marshall duties, whatever those were.

Once the plane took off, Lumina set about going sifting through her carry-on bag. There would be no TV for her, she had too much reading to do. She pulled out a couple of occult tomes concealed behind innocuous covers of (somewhat) popular fiction such as The Dresden Files Collection, and The Great Book of Amber, and her own spell book, titled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which hopefully nobody would find suspicious at all.

After reviewing her own spell book for any spells she thought she might need to use in the near future, she packed it back up then looked at her other two books. The book disguised in the Dresden Files Collection was an impressive tome of nearly forgotten heretical philosophies, occult lore, and ancient magics. Unfortunately, this book had been written before people thought to write indexes, but fortunately she had had a commentary piece disguised in The Great Book of Amber with such an index along the hundreds of explanatory notes on the many arcane concepts expounded in the former work. Needless to say, the Templars would be more than pissed if these works were lost or destroyed, but given the suddenness and urgency of their mission, she had been allowed to borrow them. Looking through Amber to figure out where to find sections that mentioned ley lines (or at least references believed to be related to ley lines) in Dresden, she went to work…

Hours disappeared as Lumina puzzled over what the authors of Dresden understood of ley lines, how they found them, how drew power from them, and what the costs of doing so were among other things. As a warlock herself, Lumina was familiar with drawing arcane power from artifacts, the environment, supernatural entities, and other such things. As she read on, she found that she may have known more about ley lines than she had known, and she had only not realized that these founts of power she had found in times past were called ley lines. The different writers throughout Dresden used different terminology for similar concepts, and the terminology likely only diverged more in other texts she had read prior. What any of this had to do with the Mothman was a mystery, however. It occurred to Lumina that it might be worthwhile to reach out to Sonnac when it was safe to do so to figure out more precisely what he had learned and what he suspected that relationship was.

All of a sudden, a stewardess rapped on a nearby surface to get Lumina’s attention. “I am sorry to bother you,” the young woman began, “but we have had a medical emergency on board, and we are looking for a volunteer from First Class to give up space for the patient needing attention. You will be fully reimbursed and given a coupon for free services.”

Lumina looked around and sighed. She didn’t want to give up her space, but she knew it was the right thing to do. “Alright, fine, give me a moment to pack. Which seat will I be moving to? Oh, and this seat was paid for by the Sky Marshall, so he will be the one you should reimburse.”

“Of course Miss, thank you so much!” the stewardess gushed, handing Lumina the promised coupon and writing down a note. “You will be taking one of the seats of our unfortunate patient and her spouse, which are at the back of the plane at seats 70B or 70C.”

As the stewardess departed, Lumina packed up her bags and did a quick inventory check to make sure she had everything, then moved toward the back of the plane as instructed. At one point, had to get out of the aisle by standing over a sleeping passenger awkwardly as a gurney carrying the patient, an unconscious elderly woman, was pushed by her, followed by her anxious husband.

When Lumina got to the back of the plane, she immediately recognized the asian girl she had seen at the bar in seat 70A, looking a bit less perturbed than Lumina might have expected someone to appear after watching a person have a stroke or something right next to them, but perhaps she was just good at masking her emotions. People had different ways of dealing with trauma, she supposed. Lumina sat at the aisle seat, leaving an empty seat between them, and did her best to stuff her carry on under the seat in front of her, with only partial success. She was going to miss the legroom of First Class. Lumina thought about saying something to her new neighbor, but seeing that she had headphones on, she decided against it.

Lumina fell back into her seat and sighed. Now what was she to do to pass the time?

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Flight 0666 - Over the Atlantic Ocean

Eun-Ji was willing to put up with cramped accommodations, pinned in the window seat, for the lengthy flight. The bathroom was behind her row, so the seats barely reclined at all and her carry on had to be down by her feet because the overhead compartments were already full. She was willing to endure being right next to the lavatory, despite the occasional stink that would trail someone coming out of the bathroom. She was willing to stomach the fact that the meal, an egregious overstatement for a subpar snack, was just picking between two undesirable options. All of these minor irritations would have been manageable; however, the tipping point began when the wife of the elderly couple next to her got on her last nerve.

The husband in seat 70C, the aisle, smelled a little like he had a hormonal imbalance that led to increased sweat production when active, but when seated and still carried a stale old person scent. He was keeping to himself and looked content on watching the inflight movie and being antisocial; perfect. The wife; however, was another story. Despite the fact that Eun-Ji gave every obvious clue that she didn’t want to be bothered, this old woman would not stop talking.

It was unbelievable how socially inept the woman was in Eun-Ji’s thoughts. Could she not see that she had headphones on and was shifted away from her towards the window. That every reply, polite at first, was designed to hopefully put a stop to any actual conversation. The old woman just kept at it. How was her husband immune, or was he oblivious, to this woman’s behavior?

Having had enough, Eun-Ji excused herself to the restroom, though she didn’t need to go. Stalling inside, she created a cloned illusion of herself that went out and took her seat. The moment it sat down, the real Eun-Ji caused the illusion to shatter and put the old woman into a daze that appeared as if she had suffered a stroke. At the very instance, Eun-Ji came out of the restroom and immediately called for help.

It wasn’t too long after that the flight attendants and a volunteer physician that was onboard, managed to move the couple up the plane. It worked out better than she had hoped. Eun-Ji just wanted her to shut up. Instead she got two extra empty seats. Naturally she took advantage of the extra leg room and made herself comfortable stretching out her long legs. It wouldn’t last though. Just as quickly as the nuisances were gone and her situation improved, the flight attendant was bringing someone to replace them.

She recognized the woman as the red head at the bar. It was easy to remember her. Eun-Ji quickly sat back properly in seat 70A. On the positive side there was a space between them for a little room and no one was pestering her anymore. The downside is she lost her ideal situation and this red-head had something to do with law enforcement based on what she overheard in the bar.

Eun-Ji at the very least politely acknowledged Lumina’s presence with a smile and nod. It was not a genuine happy to see you, but more a required social greeting; like checking off a box on a to do list.

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The flight was uneventful for the most part. He had spoken to the captain of the plane and they went over “worst case scenarios” and other such things. Corinth reassured the pilot that everything was going to be fine and not to worry.

Moving to his assigned seat which was on the right side of the plane, somewhere in the middle, he had a whole row to himself. He could have sat in first class with Lumina, or Jennifer, or Miss Hawkins? He chuckled to himself. That sounded more like a schoolteacher than an agent for the Templars. Lumina would work just fine. Sitting in the middle of the plane provided easy access to wherever he needed to be should anything crazy happen. Besides, Lumina was in the first class. She could keep things entertained until he got there. It was really the reason he put her there, to spread out their forces.

Once the plane was in the air, he tilted his seat back a little and placed his hat over his eyes. As the hours passed, he was woken up with some hustle and bustle from the aisle. that’s when he saw Lumina moving from the front of the plane to the back with all her gear. Stopping the stewardess, he asked her what was going on and she informed him that a sick passenger was moving to first class for better accommodations. Corinth was a little annoyed that Lumina switched seats. It still split their forces up on the plane, but he felt better knowing she was near the pilots and not the farthest point away. He checked his watch. Only a few more hours to go.

Once the plane landed, he waited till everyone disembarked. Not one to shirk his duties, even if they weren’t real, he exited last and caught up to Lumina waiting for her baggage. He then noticed that the Asian lady from the bar was also on their plane. Interesting, he thought to himself.

Moving over to Lumina, he stood beside her and waited for her to gather her things. Once done, he walked with her to grab a taxi. “We will need to talk about strategy,” he told her as he popped another pill before they entered the car. He paid the cabbie some money and told them the hotel they were staying at.

With smooth traffic and a fortunate string of green lights, they arrived at the Stanyan Park Hotel. While not a top-tier establishment, it certainly didn’t reside at the bottom of the spectrum either. Its exterior exuded both a charming coziness and a subtle aura of historical significance, inviting guests into" a world where comfort and tradition harmoniously intertwined.

“Here we are, home away from home.” Exiting the cab, he helped Lumina grab her bags and led the way inside. “Go get us checked in. Registration is under Whitethorne. I’m going to step out for a smoke. We should have adjoining rooms or across the hall from each other, I don’t know. We should be close though. And do not give your room up.” His eyes just below the brim of his hat, “I don’t care what they need or what they offer you.”

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Choi Yeong was near the end of sparing against Park Ho, the man who had been disciplining him in the arts of DahnMuDo and Taekwondo. They had faced each other with dangpa (a trident weapon), the hyeopdo (a polearm type weapon with a 25 inch curved blade), and the bonguk geom (the national sword of Korea).

Afterwards, it was training in jedok geom, a style of fighting involving two swords or geoms, one being a shorter waist sword. Park Ho had trained Yeong well, so well, the student was near teaching the teacher. He was a talented fighter.

Both had scored hits on the other. Thankfully, because of their skills, each wore the padded gambeson suits for protection.

Throughout, Choi had shown his parkour skills as well. Park Ho knew his skills, which gave him an advantage. Ho still had not revealed all the skills he knew. So, when Choi ran up a wall, doing a back flip, Ho stripped both swords from Yeong’s grip with two quick moves.

Choi could have accepted defeat. That wasn’t his way. With fluid motions of the Sundo technique, stimulating his ki. He forcefully thrust a flat open-hand punch forward towards Park Ho. Even though he stood three meters from Park, a force was generated from Choi’s ki, throwing Park Ho backwards ten feet into the wall.

Catching his breath, Park Ho announced training had ended. “Time for you to get freshened up and catch a plane.”

“Catch a plane?” Choi probed, wondering what was planned for him.

“You are flying to San Francisco, where you will find another Dragon operative. This is her first mission. You will watch over her and assist her in being successful.”

“Master?” Choi inquired, “I am not worthy of this. I am still a student under your teaching.”

“I now release you,” Park insisted. “I can teach you no more. You have more to learn, but it will come as you grow. Use your inner energy, as you did here.”

“How will I find her?” Yeong queried.

Park grinned, “You will know.”

Two hours later, Choi Yeong was on a plane bound for San Francisco. Inside, he wondered if he would be able to identify this Dragon.

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San Francisco, CA

As Eun-Ji disembarked from the landed plane, she reflected back on the red-haired woman in her row that had been too engrossed in what appeared to be innocent books. While the woman had visited the restroom on the plane, Eun-Ji discovered on closer inspection that they concealed information pertinent to the Secret World. She pretended for the rest of the flight as if she hadn’t discovered this fact. Entering the terminal, she also witnessed the redhead rendezvous with the Sky Marshall, solidifying her suspicion that they were both concealing their true identities.

Opting not to follow them, Eun-Ji proceeded to baggage claim, where she spotted a man holding a sign with the name Moon. Approaching him, she exchanged the code word, “serpentine,” confirming his identity as her contact. Together, they retrieved her luggage and departed for an apartment in San Francisco’s downtown area. As they drove, the man, named David, explained that the house would serve as her base for the investigation, promising further details upon their arrival.

“Welcome to San Francisco, Eun-Ji. I hope your flight wasn’t too taxing.” David began.

Eun-Ji replied while looking out the window of the vehicle, “Thank you, David. It was uneventful, although I did have some interesting company on board.”

David validated her unspoken thought, “The other factions are surely present. Indeed, they’re not to be underestimated. But we have resources and strategies in place to counter their moves. Your training and expertise will prove invaluable in this mission.”

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. What can you tell me about the house we’re heading to?” She said with conviction.

David obliged her question, “It’s a safe house, discreetly located near the heart of the city. Fully equipped with everything you’ll need for your investigation. Consider it your home away from home.”

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David’s Apartment - San Francisco, CA

As David’s car pulled up to the apartment building located at 3749 Bay Street in San Francisco, Eun-Ji took in the surroundings. The building stood tall amidst a bustling neighborhood, its exterior adorned with intricate architectural details that hinted at its historic significance.

Entering the building, they were greeted by a spacious lobby adorned with modern artwork and plush furnishings. David led Eun-Ji through the lobby and up to the fourth floor, where their apartment awaited.

Upon opening the door, Eun-Ji was immediately struck by the apartment’s minimalist interior design. Clean lines, neutral colors, and sleek furnishings characterized the living space, creating an atmosphere of simplicity and sophistication. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathed the space in natural light, offering panoramic views of the city skyline.

Moving through the apartment, David’s confident demeanor and impeccable sense of style were evident. As the CEO of a high-performing app, he exuded an air of authority and sophistication. Tall and lean, with sharp features and piercing eyes, David’s appearance commanded attention. He was dressed in a tailored suit, exuding professionalism and refinement.

Continuing the tour, David led Eun-Ji to the designated workout room, equipped with exercise machines, free weights, and a yoga mat. The room exuded an atmosphere of motivation and focus, perfect for maintaining physical fitness during the mission.

Finally, they arrived at Eun-Ji’s bedroom, a serene oasis furnished with a comfortable queen-sized bed and minimalist furnishings. Soft, neutral tones adorned the walls, creating a calming atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation.

As David prepared to brief Eun-Ji on the mission details, she took the opportunity to unpack and freshen up. After a refreshing shower, she changed into a flattering outfit of yoga pants and a fitted t-shirt, ready to tackle whatever challenges lay ahead.

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Choi’s plane safely landed without incident. These days, this was a miracle. Choi Yeong was beginning to get used to the strange and unusual. Unusual was the new usual.

Without incident, except for when a young stewardess became concerned. Yeong was meditating with his eyes closed, his heart barely beating, his lungs barely breathing. The stewardess tried to touch him to make sure he wasn’t dead. Sensing a presence breaking his boundaries, Choi quickly grabbed the stewardess by the wrist. Startled, the stewardess quickly apologized. Choi Yeong released her and apologized himself.

After getting his bags, Choi arranged for an Uber ride to Chinatown. The address was 1261 Stockton Street.

The Uber pulled up in front of a restaurant. Hing Lung Company, aka Go Duck Yourself. Choi grinned, seeing the familiar sign.

Gathering his bags, Yeong entered the establishment. Mostly everyone recognized him. The owner soon appeared and motioned for Yeong to follow him.

They walked into the basement, where the owner pushed a brick, which opened a hidden door in the wall. This lead into a portion of Old San Francisco, the part buried beneath the current city by an earthquake in the past.

One of the former shops down here had been refurbished into an exquisite underground safe house. Choi Yeong nodded to the owner in thanks and appreciation.

“You have served the Dragon well,” Choi affirmed. “You shall be greatly rewarded.”

Once the owner departed, Choi unpacked, then began the motions to calm himself. Soon, he was quieted and centering himself.

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David’s Apartment - San Francisco, CA

The evening fog casted a soft glow through the windows of the apartment. Eun-Ji stood in the center of David’s private study, arms crossed, her eyes scanning every inch. She was extrapolating more about the man, to whom she would be staying with, based on what she was discovering with her observation skills. She picked apart the details as if anything around her could be a clue to what she would be expected to do now that she had arrived.

David was setting up some case on the table in the room and upon flipping it open, revealed an array of high-tech gadgetry. “The latest in secure communication. Encrypted channels, untraceable signals, and a self-destruct feature for emergencies.” He shared proudly. “I helped design some of the software it uses.”

Eun-Ji’s expectant expression did not change as she waited patiently for him to finish.

David was hoping to fish for a compliment; however, receiving none, began the installation. His hands moved with practiced precision. He attached a small, unassuming device to the underside of the table, another behind a painting, and a third inside a book on the shelf.

“Voice-activated and retinal scan enabled. Only you can initiate the link to Voice of the Dragon.” He spoke as he showed her with gestures how to access and utilize the tech.

“What happens if it is compromised?” She wondered.

David smirked knowingly, “The entire system fries. No evidence left behind.”

Eun-Ji started by testing the system under David’s assistance, her voice a low whisper, “This is Eun-Ji. Testing… testing…" She nodded as David gave her a thumbs up; her voice and video were working well within optimal limits.

The devices hummed to life, a soft green light indicating a secure connection. David gave himself an air fist pump as everything worked seamlessly. “You’re all set. Remember, the Dragon sees all, but is seen by none.”

Eun-Ji was nervous, but tried to hide it. “ I have arrived in San Francisco and humbly await the Dragon’s Voice. When you speak, I listen.” She said to the case with a logo of their faction displaying on the black screen.

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As David exited the study, Eun-Ji heard the faint sound of someone breathing into a microphone as it came through the speakers. This would be the first time she had actually heard the Voice of the Dragon. She did not know what to expect, but she did feel like she was in the presence of a transcendent power based on the belief system she was raised on.

“Agent Eun-Ji,

Your briefing on the recent unsettling events in San Francisco is as follows:”

With each new topic, the screen switched to a harmoniously designed and aesthetically pleasing digital presentation. It was minimalist in design, only showing the header and necessary information. She would have to pay attention and the slide display was on a visual timer inside the design before it would switch to the next slide.

Unusual Mortalities:

A nurse afraid of needles is found on a sidewalk dead from puncture wounds from hypodermic needles.

A high school teacher afraid of mass shootings, shoots herself multiple times in her car with a 22 revolver and bleeds to death.

Most recently a physics student at San Francisco University frightened of bees is found dead in his dorm room after being stung to death.

The circumstances of their deaths are suspicious and remain under investigation.

Historical Context:

While not recent, it’s worth noting that San Francisco has a history of bodies found under mysterious conditions, including mass graves under the city from past eras.

No Further Data:

Currently, there are no additional reports of bodies found under strange circumstances that have been made public.

Mothman Correlation:

Recent Mothman sightings have been reported , with descriptions of a large black figure soaring through the sky. No direct sightings in San Francisco have been confirmed.

Ley Lines Nexus:

San Francisco is positioned between two significant ley lines, with Mount Tamalpais to the north and the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz to the south. The energy from these lines is believed to extend 30 miles on either side.

The Voice of the Dragon begin to speak again. “Your mission is to investigate any potential connections between these occurrences. Be cautious of the energies at play and the shadows they may cast.”

The last slide read, Voice of the Dragon, Bong Cha. Then the screen went dark and the secure connection light turned off. Moments later the technology powered itself down automatically.

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Corinth entered his room and tossed his carryon onto the bed. The room was nice. There was a bed and bath and a small kitchen. He approved of the room, but he wasn’t going to be spending enough time in it to really appreciate it. He opened the fridge and saw the bottle of whiskey and rum chilling inside.

“Props to the concierge.” He checked the labels and then put them back, thinking that once the day was over, it was going to be a good night.

Feeling he needed to let his handler know they made it safely; he shot off a text to her and thanked her for the items in the fridge. She did her job well. He also told her to send him anymore information she might have obtained since they left and to send him any resources on any historical or cultural references, or natural energy conductors around the city that might potentially have a ley line running through it. Deeper focus on natural energy conductors and perhaps anything with heavy limestone deposits.

He unholstered Loy and looked the gun over. Safety on and removing the bullets, he spun the chamber around making sure it was free flowing with no friction to slow it down. Satisfied, he reloaded the gun, flicked his wrist to slam the chamber home, and then slowly moved the gun down his left arm, the chamber rolling so he could see every bullet inside. Once done, he holstered it and repeated the process with William.

Stepping out into the hallway, he moved to Lumina’s door and banged on it. “Hurry up, got a rental being dropped off in a few and we need to go. No rest for the wicked, eh?”

He knew the crime scene was already heavily contaminated and finding anything of value was going to be hard if not nigh impossible. But still, they had to try. Beating ones head against a wall until it crumbled and gave way to its secrets was the Templar way after all.

He banged on her door again. “I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

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Choi Yeong was a seeker of balance, which is why he often meditated. It often set his spirit in proper perspective.

Besides the spirit, there were three other areas where Choi had found he should keep balanced. They were the physical, mental, and the social aspects of life. He had come to understand through Master Park’s tutelage that keeping a balance in these four areas brought peace to one’s soul. If any of these areas were neglected, there was stress.

There was another thing: the meditations. It was often during these times that Yeong received visions. It was during this particular meditation that he received flashes of things Choi assumed from previous experiences that he was about to encounter.

He saw a flash of two lines coming together into an intersection. This quickly faded and a new image presented itself. I was some creature, half man, half moth? with piercing luminescent red eyes. Choi thought he had heard a helicopter, but it turned out to be the sound of the wings of this creature as it flew away. The last picture Yeong saw was a young oriental woman, beautiful, near his own age. The Dragon operative believed her to be the one for whom he was to ensure success. Was this her first assignment?

He soon returned to the physical world. Choi decided to freshen up, return upstairs for a meal, then walk Chinatown. He had sensed for some reason she was nearby, perhaps even in Chinatown. He had to find her.

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Chinatown - San Francisco, CA

After thanking David for his assistance with the meeting, Eun-Ji retreated to her room to retrieve a notebook, jotting down her thoughts and potential questions for herself regarding the information and instructions. Feeling a pang of hunger, she decided to venture out and explore the city.

Donning a light, cute matching sporty jacket tied around her waist, Eun-Ji’s attire resembled that of a fashionable fit model at the gym. With directions and a debit card from David in hand, she made her way from the downtown apartment to Chinatown.

As she walked, the vibrant energy of San Francisco surrounded her, with the bustling streets alive with the sounds of chatter and honking cars. Eun-Ji couldn’t help be intrigued by the eclectic mix of architecture, from towering skyscrapers to historic buildings lining the streets.

Upon reaching Chinatown, Eun-Ji found herself immersed in a world of vibrant colors, exotic scents, and a cacophony of activity. The narrow streets were lined with traditional Chinese lanterns, while the air was filled with the aromas of sizzling stir-fries and steaming dumplings.

Passing by a variety of shops and restaurants, Eun-Ji took in the sights of ornate storefronts adorned with intricate designs and colorful signage. Street vendors offered a plethora of goods, from fresh produce to handcrafted souvenirs.

Eventually, Eun-Ji settled on a cozy restaurant called “Golden Dragon,” drawn in by the savory aromas wafting from within. Taking a seat near the window, she perused the menu before placing her order for a flavorful dish of spicy Szechuan tofu with jasmine rice.

As she ate her meal, Eun-Ji watched Chinatown life unfold outside the window. She also was contemplating on what she would do tomorrow.

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Choi Yeong searched the streets of Chinatown but to no avail. He couldn’t help but feel he was so close to this young lady a few times in his search. If she had seen him, she would have recognized the ring he wore.

Choi headed back to his underground dwelling. He did a light workout with nunchucks. Walking the streets of the city, a sword would be obvious if he were to carry one. The nunchucks, Yeong could conceal them under a lose fitting shirt at the waistline of his pants.

He worked up a sweat with the workout. He showered, then put on a pair of shorts. Fixing himself some green tea and popcorn, Choi started a DVD movie: Enter the Dragon.

When the movie ended, Yeong settled in for the night. He would resume his search tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the day. This girl must be a promising operative. He looked forward to seeing what she could do.

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The Golden Dragon - Chinatown - San Francisco, CA

While still in the Gold Dragon, Eun-Ji’s mind was preoccupied with the unsettling series of mortalities that she had recently learned about. Each case seemed to involve the victim’s fear manifesting into reality and ultimately leading to their demise. The nurse’s fear of needles, the teacher’s fear of mass shootings, and the physics student’s fear of bees all culminated in tragic endings.

The thought gnawed at her mind: what could have caused these manifestations? Was it the elusive mothman, rumored to haunt the shadows? And if so, what was its goal? As she pondered these questions, Eun-Ji realized the gravity of the situation and the urgency to uncover the truth.

She mentally listed the important questions she needed to ask herself upon investigating the crime scenes: What evidence could she find to support the theory of fear manifestation? Were there any witnesses who could shed light on the events leading up to the deaths? And most importantly, how could she protect herself from becoming the next victim?

Eun-Ji resolved tomorrow to visit the crime scenes and gather as much information as possible. Unfortunately her path missed Choi Yeong not once but three times. Twice he walked past the window when she was in the Golden Dragon eating a late dinner. And once on the opposite side of a busy street while she was leaving Chinatown.

As Eun-Ji made her way back to David’s apartment, she felt a sense of introspection settle over her. The streets of San Francisco had given way to a serene calmness as she stepped through the door. With a sigh of relief, she shed her jacket and slipped into her comfortable sleepwear. Her attire consisted of soft, loose-fitting pajamas adorned with a delicate floral pattern, providing a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Before retiring for the night, Eun-Ji made her way to the quiet sanctuary of her room. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she closed her eyes and began her nightly meditation routine. With each deep breath, she focused on calming her mind and centering her thoughts. The stresses of the day melted away as she sank deeper into a state of tranquility. After several minutes of meditation, she felt a sense of peace wash over her, signaling that it was time to surrender to the embrace of sleep. With a final deep breath, Eun-Ji climbed into bed, her mind clear and her body ready for a restful night’s sleep.

One might of thought it would have been prudent to immediately investigate the scenes; however, the Dragon taught about a balance in everything. It would have been unbalanced to go when exhausted and not mentally prepared. If something happened that required optimal performance, it would be difficult to respond well. No, evil will still be out there in the morning.

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Beyond the obligatory smiling and nodding, Lumina made no effort to socialize with her antisocial neighbor. Between her own uncertainty on what to do and the awkward space between them, Lumina found herself feeling uneasy. The faint buzzing that had been with her since she had stumbled beyond the veil seemed to grow louder in the silence, contributing to a sensation that something was amiss. After looking around to see if there were any noticeable threats to justify her paranoia, Lumina sighed softly and settled into her seat. She knew it was a risk to pull out her books in such a public location, but if she didn’t do something, she would go crazy. In retrospect, she would realize that watching the TV on the back of the screen in front of her was a perfectly valid option, but at the time, she decided to risk it and pull out Dresden Files.

Lumina quickly found herself missing having access to the commentary piece as she picked up where she had left off before the medical emergency event had displaced her. She strived to push through, but between lacking the commentary book to reference (she didn’t dare pull it out for fear of giving her neighbor a peak at something she had no business reading) and her own paranoid anxiety, Lumina found she was comprehending no meaning from the text. With a sigh, she gave up and began putting Dresden back.

As she did so, she caught sight of her spellbook, and the neurotic thought occurred that she should cast a detect magic spell to see if there was indeed something fishy about her neighbor. Lumina tried to dissuade herself of the nonsense of casting a spell in such a public space like this, but she just couldn’t dispel the idea, and soon she found herself trying to figure out if she had the range of motion necessary to perform the spell in her seat while buckled in. To satiate her curiosity, she pulled out Order of the Phoenix and flipped to the page in which Detect Magic was on to remind herself of the motions. Even as she did so, it occurred to her that her motions and mutterings would not likely go undetected, and considering the recent medical event which had occurred here would likely make the nearby passengers a little jumpier. No, performing that spell here would definitely be a bad idea. Finally convinced that she just needed to get over herself, Lumina packed Phoenix back up.

And then the sound of a flushing toilet gave her an idea. She could cast the spell in the lavatory. Excusing herself once there was nobody else waiting to use the bathrooms, Lumina made her way to the back and got into one of the tiny plane lavatories. After gauging the position she needed to be in to perform the gestures of the spell without colliding with anything, Lumina began to bring the incantation to mind. She paused. This is so stupid, why am I doing this?

Perhaps she would be able to rest easy once she proved that there was no foul magic in play. With that justification in mind, Lumina went through with the spell, quietly muttering the incantation while performing the gestures with a practiced grace. She could feel the power leave her as the spell went into effect. Lumina held concentration of her spell as she flushed the toilet and turned the sink water on and off just in case someone was paying attention to her, Lumina opened the door of the bathroom when she saw it…

Traces of magic. A spell had been cast here recently. Those traces were fading, but she could barely make out the type of spell it had been. Somebody had cast an illusion spell. Lumina spotted a trail of those traces, and she followed it… right to where the asian girl sat. Lumina felt her blood go cold. This didn’t prove anything, but, what did this mean?

Lumina looked around and saw no other signs of magic nearby. Struggling to force herself to calm down, she stopped concentrating on her Detect Magic spell and sat back down in seat 70C with as much cool as she could muster. That whole endeavor had been intended to dispel her paranoia, but now she had even more suspicions and questions than she’d had before. Glancing at her neighbor, Lumina discarded the notion of asking her about anything. No, it would be best to keep her cards to her chest and pretend as if nothing had changed. It was going to be a long night…

Lumina made sure to take advantage of her coupon in an effort to take her mind off her worries and ordered a mediocre cocktail. The alcohol helped a little. Lumina did her best to remain on guard against the unknown force that was the girl two seats from her, but eventually she dozed off.

The next thing she knew, the plane was descending. By the time they landed, Lumina had largely gotten past her grogginess, and when they stopped and everyone started getting up, she was ready. Lumina made sure to let the asian girl get past her, as she did have one last order of business on the plane that she did not want the girl to witness.

When she spotted the stewardess who had informed her of the medical emergency, Lumina approached her and asked, “Hey, sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to ask, is that woman going to be okay?”

“Oh yes, definitely!” the stewardess replied.

“What happened?” Lumina pried.

The stewardess hesitated, but then answered, “Well, she seemed to have experienced some kind of shock, and fainted.”

“An electric shock?”

“No, she, well, she claims that she saw the young girl next to her that she had been talking to shatter like glass,” the stewardess responded. “Needless to say, this young girl was completely fine, so we think the poor woman must have had some sort of hallucination.”

“Did the woman have any additional such hallucinations throughout the flight?” Lumina inquired.

“No ma’am, other than being rather rattled, she seemed completely fine. Thank you again for giving up your seat.”
“No problem, I am just glad she will be okay!” Lumina replied, making her leave.

Traces of illusion magic, and now a reported hallucination. And a hallucination involving the girl, most likely at her seat. Very strange. She was one to keep an eye on.


Lumina and Corinth were able to get their bags and get through Customs without incident. Corinth, or more likely his handler had arranged lodging for them, so getting registered and getting a room was a breeze. Lumina was thankful that she was not sharing a room with Corinth, as it would be nice to have her own space, and she didn’t think she could stand his smoking. She also had one particular idiosyncrasy that she didn’t think Corinth would care to deal with either, so having separate rooms was definitely ideal.

Lumina sighed as she cast down her bags and fell on the bed. Corinth’s quip about not giving up the room had stung her a bit. Apparently giving up her first class seat to the old woman had bothered him. They weren’t even a day in yet and she was messing up.

She might have taken a nap right there, but then a heavy rap on the door followed by Corinth’s “Hurry up, got a rental being dropped off in a few, and we need to go. No rest for the wicked, eh?” broke her from her reverie. With a moan, Lumina sat up and looked at herself in a mirror. She looked tired and uninspiring. She thought about touching up her makeup, but another rap on the door dispelled that idea. It was time to go.

Lumina approached Corinth in the lobby of the hotel a few minutes later. The old monster hunter did not appear at all worse for wear from their journey. She envied him for that. “Alright chief, what’s the plan?” she asked as she struggled to suppress a yawn.

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Choi Yeong awoke early in the morning. It wasn’t bright and early, as it was only 5:00 and the sun hadn’t risen yet. Of course, if it had, Choi wouldn’t have seen it in his underground safe house.

He took a few moments in the lotus position. He did his slow methodical routine of centering himself in preparation for the day ahead. There were no visions or pictures entering his head. All was calm and peaceful.

Upon breaking the meditation, Choi brushed his teeth, then turned on the smart TV. He brought up one of best resources available in searching for weird occurrences: YouTube. He entered the search command for strange events in San Francisco.

One of the videos caught Yeong’s attention. Apparently, a cryptid called mothman has been seen in the city. The last was at San Francisco University where a student was found sting to death by bees. Gaia?

If this young lady he was to help be successful was going anywhere, it would be there. So, Choi Yeong got dressed in black joggers and footies. He pulled a loose fitting black T-shirt over his head, then slid his feet into a pair of black apikas. Lastly, Yeong slipped a pair of nunchucks into the back of his pants at the small of his back. It would be concealed there.

Yeong decided to get breakfast before heading to the university. He decided upon Sutter Street Cafe. He decided upon an omelet, stuffed with cheddar cheese, avocado, roasted peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. While he waited for it, Choi calmly sipped his tea and twirled the Dragon ring upon his finger.

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Corinth was standing in the lobby talking to a receptionist when Lumina came down looking worse for wear. It was clear she was tired, but they were on the clock and time was not on their side. He looked her up and down and almost felt a little sorry for her. Almost.

“Alright chief, what’s the plan," she asked stifling a yawn.

Tossing her the keys to the rental car. “We go to work.”

The car was a deep red Nissan Maxima. Fitting for a team of Templars. When they got in, Corinth pulled out his phone and began scrolling through some files. The blue light illuminated his face in the dark car. He told Lumina the address and settled into his seat as she pulled away.

“I won’t subject you to all scenes in one night, but we need to get one of them under our belt as quickly as possible. Any evidence that was there has already been severely compromised and is going to be hard to find or work with. I need you to be awake and focused.” He looked over to her before looking back at his phone. “These things tend to attract other factions who may or may not have already visited the scenes. Keep your eyes and ears open. If anything seems questionable, log it.”

Pulling up to the location of the woman who was killed by needles, or at least that is what the file suggested, Corinth exited the car and immediately surveyed the scene. It was dark, just like it was when the woman walked these streets. City life was still audible, but it wasn’t going to be a distraction. Shutting the car door he walked to the sidewalk and looked around again.

“Like a needle in a haystack,” he thought to himself and then chuckled at the irony. “Split up, look around, take pictures, or do whatever it is you 'Locks do in times like this.”

Corinth moved away to give Lumina some breathing room. He wasn’t going to micromanage her. She was a Warlock for the Templars, chances were she knew how to do her job without needing him to guide her along the way. It was time to see what she could do.

Moving over to the location where the body was found, he kneeled down and began looking around. He looked for anything that was out of place or stood out. Something that must have been missed by the mundane authorities. Once finished there, he moved over to the grassy areas and then to shrubs, bushes, and the twisting trees that lined the sidewalk.

“Come on,” he said to himself as he searched. “There’s got to be something here.” The buzzing in his head had gotten progressively louder and that usually meant one of two things: a threat was right around the corner or there was something he was missing. Or maybe three things…both.

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David’s Apartment - San Francisco, CA

As the soft light of morning filtered through the windows, Eun-Ji stirred from her slumber, feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. She meditated briefly and then did a modified workout in the workout room. With a leisurely pace, she made her way to the kitchen, where she quickly prepared a simple breakfast from the available ingredients.

David was still fast asleep, his nocturnal tendencies keeping him in bed long after the break of dawn. However, he had left three folders on the table, each containing valuable information gathered from his contacts in the police department regarding the recent incidents.

After fueling herself with breakfast, Eun-Ji embarked on getting dressed for the day, starting with donning her combat attire. The modernized ensemble consisted of a sleek black outfit, featuring reinforced protective fibers and strategic padding for enhanced mobility and defense. She carefully strapped her twin hammers to her thighs, ensuring they were securely in place for easy access during any potential encounters. Over this, she adorned herself in a stylish hanfu outfit, elegantly designed with intricate gold detailing against a backdrop of sleek black fabric. As she fastened the matching accessory purse around her waist, she ensured it contained all the necessary items for her day ahead, including her notebook for jotting down important details. With meticulous precision, she completed her ensemble, concealing her combat attire beneath the elegant layers of her hanfu outfit. Completing the look with coordinating earrings that complemented the color and style of her attire, she felt both prepared and poised for the tasks that lay ahead.

With folders in hand, she set out on her first investigation, a determined stride in her step as she made her way to investigate the college student’s encounter with the bees. She chose this one first because she liked both bees and physics. It was exciting and uncertain. She alternated between walking and taking the trolley, allowing herself to immerse in the sights and sounds of the city as she ventured towards her destination. She also took the time on the trolley to look over the file on the physics student crime scene.

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