Mantric Blade Redesign

Obviously Mantric Blade needed a rework with chi overflow no longer existing, but can it still have a defensive effect of some sort instead of an offensive one?

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This is a fair point but note that the purpose of changing how blade and weapons like this in particular functioned was to prevent the healing effects of blade as offhand to essentially allow tanks to have too much self sustainability. That being said since most players that owned and leveled this blade did so for some type of increased survival purpose I can see it being reasonable to honor that by giving it an effect that either increases protection perhaps or something of that nature.

My current task that I have set up for myself is to getting around to test all of the blades available in Beta. There are some under-performers, Mantric being one of them, that I still need to gather more data on. Mantric surprised me by how poorly it performed in DA; but that was just one run with it, and I would like to try with more suffixes to see if maybe it was just one bad run.

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I was thinking it would be cool to let this blade only go into Chi Overflow and no others, or have something to do with Soothing Spring. But yeah, I know the heals are for the healers.