Many suggestions and suggestions for annoying mistakes


This is a translation using google translate.I have noted these facts after the patch of 21.03.19. I play Xbox One X with a UHD TV in Germany with German language. I only play offline singleplayer.

1 suggestions for improvement

1.1 Text search - On the PC you can filter the search by entering a text. Why can not you do that on console? Please implement this extremely important feature. Best in all categories. But definitely handmade. Basically, this already works in the admin menu. That’s the solution to many problems.

1.2 Sorting - I like the new sorting very well. I mean the new sorting in the fire bowl and handmade. It is also good that the animal skins of the DLCs are now at the end of the sorting.

I think it makes sense if the component sets are also sorted in this way. (T1, T2 normal, T2 isolated, T3 normal, T3 isolated, DLC1, DLC2, DLC3, DLC4) Currently the sets are unsorted.

When I’m currently building a T3 set, I do the following: I unlock the sets. I have a part of a set in a box. Then I take everything from this box (folder) and build with it. When I’m done, I’ll pack a part back into the box (folder). So that my handmade bar is not full, I drink the yellow lotus potion and redistribute my skill points.

Is that solved well? I mean you, dear developer.

There are 5 standard sets + 4 DLC sets. Each set has about 40 parts. So about 360 parts (9x 40). And they are all unsorted. Please improve this. They do themselves no favor with this system.

1.3 Activation of DLCs - Why do all DLCs have to be automatically unlocked? See my last point. I want to switch myself. The activation can still cost 0 points. Just because I have all the DLC, I would not have to search laboriously for the many producible.

1.4 Hide talents - It would be nice if I could hide talents or items in the manufacturing lists. As an example, I’m currently building only T3 kits in isolation. But all T1, T2, and T3 sets can be seen in the bar. So 4x 40 components that I do not want to see. T1 and T2 sets must be unlocked even though I do not want to build them.

One could implement a filter "hidden" in which one could "fade in" the unwanted items from the normal list.

1.5 - Map - The map should open the same way as it was when you last closed it. This refers to position and zoom level. When exploring the area, it is helpful to have the last shot. It is uncomfortable to have to readjust every time.

In the settings there should be the option to hide your own position on the map. This is a survival game and I do not want to have it too easy. The map offers enough variety to be able to play.

The resolution of the map could be higher. I have the impression that the quality of the map does not match the quality of the rest of the game.

1.6 - NPC’s - The porters / waiters should scale the inventory by weight rather than slots. It is very unrealistic that the NPC can currently carry 30,000 stones (30x 1,000) but only 600 (30x 20) plants for coloring.

1.7 - Construction mode - With the last perk to build boxes you can build beautiful wooden boxes. There are, however, 2 "small" and 1 "large" ones. The medium size has the same storage capacity as the small one. It would be useful to give the middle box the slots from the black chest.

1.8 - single player mode - It would be nice if I could have more than one score. I have a score where I am well advanced. Now I want to start over again without losing my valuable score. This is currently not possible. There should be at least 3 slots.

1.9 Server Settings - All multipliers should be entered manually. The slider has too few adjustment options. Currently it can only be changed in steps of 0.5. So you can increase a multiplier in 18 steps (1.5, 2.0, 2.5 … and reduce in only 2 steps (0.1, 0.5).) There were even more possibilities before the last patch (0.1, 0.3, 0.7) That’s absolute poorly solved. Either you change the steps (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0) or you read it manually.

2 - bugs

2.1 In the game, the context commands are displayed in the normal game screen at the bottom right. (eg A-key = jumping) As soon as you use the construction mode, the display will not switch back to the normal display. Instead, the build mode commands remain. This ad is wrong. Content and presentation as well. This ad will remain until the next time you load a new game. Also, you can not hide the context commands, although the option is specified in the settings.

2.2 The heavy Vanir armor has a wrong text. This armor is not made of star metal.

2.3 The activation of talents has a delay when the additional perk lights up. It only lights up at the next display or if you invest another point.

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I have only just recently called attention to this in a seperate thread. Feel free to come and add your voice to the choir if you like:

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