Map coordinates on consoles?


Any chance of getting map coordinates on the consoles?

Something that displays in one of the corners of the screen for wherever the cursor hovers?

The wiki shows map coordinates to find stuff but that’s pretty unhelpful for consoles :slight_smile:

Don’t most Conan wikis at least give the square coordinates? Like 5,D. I know that isn’t always specific as you still have to search the area but I’ve never had much trouble with how the coordinates are on PS4. It can be a little annoying to always zoom in/out of map though to see the letters and numbers XD

I keep looking until I find pictures :smiley:

The map has the numbers/letters but those are pretty big squares. Plus you have to zoom out like you say plus move up/down/left/right or whatever to see which column or row you are in since the identifiers are at the end of the row/column

Plus trying to give directions to someone meet where you are is tough:
“I’m kind of half between I and J in the NE sub-section near the 5ish area”

Being able to say I’m at 345,234 is a lot easier :smiley:


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