Map Grid Row/Column Visibility

The addition of the row and columns numbers/letters was quite welcome, but it is still difficult to check what grid cell you or another player is in because you have to pan the map if the cell you want to verify isn’t right by the border.

Instead of having the rows and columns printed at the edges of the map graphic itself, how about having these fixed at the sides of the map screen so that they are always visible like in MS Excel? In that way, we could pan around as much as we like but always have those references to tell what row & column we’re looking at.

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Yes yes yes, this!!

FWIW - the map grid system is such a welcome feature!! While relatively simple, EVERY player that I encounter uses this grid system like a bible now, frequently sharing grid location and locations within that grid to pinpoint stuff… “just left of center in C7,” “bottom right hand corner of D9”, etc.

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